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Expat Auto was founded in 2009 by two guys with a passion to help the community in Chiang Mai to navigate through the car buying and selling process, as well as the ongoing vehicle ownership needs.  We aim to make it easy and bring you peace of mind!

Whether you are you are in the market for a car, need help selling a vehicle, or are looking for a place to help with other car ownership needs such as repairs and maintenance, insurance, title services, detailing, accessories, etc, we are a 1-stop shop for all you automotive needs!

Car Sales

Thailand Association of Used Cars

We are proud members of the Thailand Association of Used Cars

We all know that many used car dealers around the world have given the car business a bad name. Some of this comes out of straight up dishonesty, but some of it also comes out of neglect on the part of the seller to fully check what they are selling. Cars have a lot of parts and it takes some expertise to know what you are looking at. We at Expat Auto feel that the reputation of the used car business is unfortunate yet avoidable.

We have a organized our cars into four different car sales classes depending on Age, Mileage, Warranty Coverage, and Condition.

Car Sale Classes

We hope that we can make buying and selling a vehicle a more pleasant and straight forward experience as it should be.  See our cars for sale!

If you don’t see anything that interests you in either section, you can also submit a car request for us to keep a look out for a car through our network that meets your needs.

Inspection and Renewal Process

Inspections Levels

Vehicles still under manufacture warranty undergo a an approximately 110 point quality check inspection and are also taken to the dealer for the routine check and servicing if due.

Vehicles no longer under manufacture warranty are taken through a 230 point Test Drive & Visual Inspection:

  • Engine (cylinder compression check on gasoline engines over 70k km, timing belt, leaks from freeze-plugs, gaskets and seals, etc)
  • Drive Train (transmission operation, drive shaft seals, universal joints, cv-joints, wheel bearings, etc)
  • Steering Components (steering rack, tie rod ends, alignment, etc.)
  • Suspension (shocks, ball joints, leaf springs bushings, control arm bushings, etc)
  • Brakes & Tires (discs and drums, pads, tire wear, etc)
  • Electrical Components (battery, alternator, spark plugs, wiring, etc)
  • Lights & Accessoriesmechanics lift
  • Cooling System (radiator, hoses, water pump, fans, etc)
  • A/C (temperature, thermostat, controls, etc)
  • Exhaust System (mufflers and pipes)
  • Paint, Body, and Interior condition
  • Fluid levels and quality (motor oil, transmission/gear oils, brakes, power steering, radiator coolant, battery, etc.)

* Mileage is verified to the best of our abilities by checking on available records and evaluating the condition of the car. If we find it has been dialed back, we will let you know up front. If you find new information about the inaccuracy of the mileage after the sale, we will buy the car back!
** We do not sell cars with flood or frame damage.
*** If the car has had any minor scrapes/accidents that were properly repaired, we will point them out to you.

Car Warranty

Depending on what car sale class the car you are interested is in, it may come with a warranty that covers the cost of parts and labor.

Full Comprehensive Warranty (bumper-to-bumper)

Our Platinum Certified cars are the only car sale class that comes with this 1 month premium coverage.

It covers repair or replacement of any components which fail under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship:

  • Engine
  • Drive Train (transmission)
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling System
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust System
  • A/C
  • Electrical

Limited Powertrain Warranty

Covers internally lubricated parts of major engine and drivetrain components. This warranty is provided in on our Platinum Certified (12 mo.), Gold (6 mo.), and Silver (3 mo.) cars.

  • Engine (engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, main and rod bearings, pistons and connecting rods, camshaft, valvetrain, timing gears and chain – timing belt excluded).
  • Drivetrain (transmission gears and internally lubricated parts, drive shafts, universal joints, cv-joints, differential gears, wheel bearings).

* The vehicle must be brought back to the Expat Auto facility in Chiang Mai for warranty claims.  The customer is responsible for any fees involved in getting the vehicle back to our facility.  If you would like nationwide coverage, please consider the Asia Car Add-on warranty option.

Asia Care Extended Warranty Add-On Option

Asia Care extended car warranty
Vehicles lose their protection when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If a problem occurs, it can result in high repair costs and the risk of problems increase over time as the vehicle gets older.

Asia Care warranty add-on option provides an extra level of peace of mind that goes beyond the standard Expat Auto limited local warranty.  Drive with the comfort of knowing they are covered in an unpleasant situation like an unexpected problem with your vehicle for the cost of repair/replacement of a covered component anywhere in the country.

Put mechanical or electrical failure protection in the hands of the experts with it’s nationwide network of manufacture’s dealerships – all of which will repair and replace any covered parts with their expertise and guarantees.

What the Asia Care “Gold” Warranty covers:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle (front and rear)
  • Electrical
  • Engine cooling system
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Fuel injection and emissions management systems
  • Steering
  • High-tech
  • Suspension (front and rear)
  • Brakes


  • Provides you with security, confidence and peace of mind
  • Provides protection from unexpected and expensive repair bills!
  • The warranty is transferrable, which means a higher resale value
  • Gives you protection from inflation of rising costs of parts & labor
  • All repairs are carried out by qualified technicians
  • An unlimited number of claims (up to the value of the vehicle)


We take care of all necessary documentation. We will organize the paperwork and complete the vehicle ownership transfer into your name and make sure all the other taxes have been paid. For your own curiosity, you can learn more about the paperwork and fees here.

Haggle-Free Buying

Our sales team members do not work off of commissions so you can be sure their goal is help you find a car that meets your needs. We work hard to ensure you get a fair market value without the stress and hassle of negotiations. The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden costs. In addition to the inspection/prep and warranty, the price of the vehicle also includes all road tax/registration (min 3 months left as we cannot extend before this), transport office inspection/ transfer fees, compulsory government insurance, and 7% VAT sales taxes.   If you wish to purchase an optional collision insurance policy, we can give you a quote. See more details here.

After Sales Service

After the warranty period we can also service and perform maintenance on the car you bought from us. We seek to develop a long-term relationship to assist with all your automotive needs.  We also offer consignment services when you are ready to sell the car again.  Please visit our services page for more details of the services we provide.

Don’t forget to check out our products page for other accessories and add-ons.

Vehicle Mechanical Services

  • Maintenance and Repairs of all car systems
  • Multi-point Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Cosmetic Services

  • Paint & Body Work
  • Car Detailing of various levels
  • Car Accessories

Vehicle Paperwork Services

  • Vehicle Title Services
  • Collision Insurance
  • AsiaCare car warranty
  • Car Financing
  • 24 hr. Roadside Assistance plan
  • Logistic Services, Car Transport

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