What vehicle ownership and registration papers are required?

Title Document (Lem Tabian)

car title book front

The Blue registration book that comes with every used vehicle contains all the details about the vehicle as well as the previous owners, taxes paid, changes that have been made to the vehicle such as paint color or engine, etc. Financiers will hold onto the registration book until all money has been paid.

* See an example inside the book here.


Yearly Road Tax and Government Insurance

Road Tax Sticker

All vehicles must display a road tax sticker which must be renewed annually. Costs vary from 600-10,000 THB/per year depending on engine size and vehicle type (If in a company name the rate is double). Four door trucks and SUV’s will incur a luxury tax. 

In order to get this sticker you must also buy the government’s compulsory insurance called Por.Ror.Bo which covers the medical expenses of the other party involved in an accident (costs about 323-1300 THB.).  We can help you renew this on an annual basis. See the title services page for details.

Collision Insurance:

Our vehicles are up to date on the compulsory government insurance, but if you require more extensive coverage (recommended) we can arrange it for you. See our insurance page for details.