What paperwork is required to buy or sell a vehicle?

Note: Every page of the copies need to be signed (in blue ink)!

The buyer and seller must provide the following documents:

  • The vehicle

* Note: We must take the vehicle to the Transport Office (DLT – Department of Land Transport). You should plan on being without the vehicle for the whole day if possible. The paperwork takes 1-2 business days to process, so the updated title book and receipts for payment will need to be picked up later when scheduled (Note: If the vehicle is being transferred out of the province of registration, the registration needs to be changed over first, which also takes 3 business days. You do not need to take the vehicle for this, but will need the title book, owner’s documents and power of attorney if they will not be present)

  • The vehicle’s Blue Book (cars), or Green Book (motorcycles)
  • The following forms:
    • Ownership transfer form signed by the seller and buyer
    • Power of attorney form for either party that will not be present at the Transport Office. (Note: we will provide these for you to sign when buying a car from us or using our ownership transfer service).
  • Signed copies of both party's personal documents:
    • The Seller’s 
    • The Buyer's 


For Foreigners

1) Passport: copies of the photograph page, current visa stamp, tm-30, and departure card.

*Note: Due to a new regulation from the transport office, we will need the buyer’s original passport to transfer ownership.  We will have you sign a paper noting it is in our possession, and another paper when it is returned to you.  If you are not comfortable with this, you will need to go to the transport office with us (This could take most of the day as we will need the passport when we submit the paperwork and when we pick it up).


2) one of following:

  • Certificate or Letter of Residence issued by the Thai Immigration. Gov. cost is 1000 THB, usually takes 2 days to process, and is only valid for 30 days.  You need a TM-30, and your visa must have at least 30 days remaining to get this.  We have a service to do this for you. See the title service page here for details).


  • Affidavit of Residence from your consulate/embassy – For the US embassy, you need to make an appointment online (tues, thurs). The cost is 1500 THB (50 USD) – and is valid for up to 1 year (You should get the document on the same trip). Check out their website which explains the process for notary services and a link to the online appointment system. Currently there is only a download for a blank affidavit on their website, but when you go in person they may have one specifically for certifying your address or for stating your address specifically for vehicle issues.


  • House Title (yellow book) with your name in it.  Same note about new regulations as above, We will need the original on the day of transfer.


  • Work Permit: (only if your home address is listed in addition to your work address. Newer work permits do not have this unfortunately). Copies of every page (with writing, and one blank page following, don’t forget to check for pages in the back) of your work permit. Same note about new regulations as above, we will also need the original on the day of the transfer.


For Thais

    • ID card (Baht Pracha Chon) – copy of front and back on one page.
    • House Registration Document (Tabien Baan) – top part is house info, second part/page is the individual’s name in the book (a book can have several pages of names in it)
    • (if applicable) Name changes/Divorce papers/Death Certificates/Will, etc 



If Buying or Selling in a Company/Foundation name:

Note: Every copy needs to be signed by head chairman/ committee members and stamped with the company/ foundation stamp (including transfer form)

  • Company/ Foundation Registration Papers
  • Letter of intent to buy or sell said vehicle
  • Committee Member(s) individual documents (see required personal documents for Foreigners and Thais above)

*Note: All transfer, registration, and road tax costs are double if a car is registered in a company name.


Unless a Power of Attorney and Transfer of ownership forms are signed, both parties must go to the Land Transport Office to complete the transfer of ownership. The officers will check to make sure that engine and body numbers match the Title book, and check to make sure that it has undergone a road-worthiness test (for vehicles over seven years old, 5 for motorbikes). If you have not already done this, it can be carried out at inspection centers (Tor.Ror.Or.) around the city.


See this post for checklist if buying a high-top van here.


If you’re having trouble meeting any of these requirements please call us to see if we can help (case by case basis).





DLT Forms: