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    Note: Every page of the copies need to be signed (in blue ink if possible)!

    The buyer and seller must provide the following documents:

    • The vehicle. We must take the vehicle to the Transport Office. You should plan on being without the vehicle for the whole day if possible. The paperwork takes 2 business day to process, so the updated title book and receipts for payment will need to be picked up later when scheduled (Note: If the vehicle is being transferred out of the province of registration, the registration needs to be changed over first, which also takes 3 business days. You do not need to take the vehicle for this, but will need the title book, owner’s documents and power of attorney if they will not be present)
    • The vehicle’s Blue Book (cars), or Green Book (motorcycles)
    • The following forms: 1) Ownership transfer Form signed by the seller and buyer, and 2) Power of attorney form for either party that will not be present at the Transport Office. (Note: we will provide these for you to sign when buying a car from us or using our ownership transfer service).
    • Signed copies of the owner AND buyer’s personal documents:

    For Foreigners

    1) Passport: copies of the photograph page, current visa stamp, and tm (departure) card.
    *Note: Due to a new regulation from the transport office, we will need the buyer’s original passport to transfer ownership.  We will have you sign a paper noting it is in our possession, and another paper when it is returned to you.  If you are not comfortable with this, you will need to go to the transport office with us (This could take most of the day as we will need the passport when we submit the paper work and when we pick it up).
    2) AND one of following:
    Work Permit: copies of every page (with writing, and one blank page following, don’t forget to check for pages in the back) of your work permit. Same note about new regulations as above, we will also need the original on the day of the transfer.
    Certificate or Letter of Residence issued by the Thai Immigration branch located in Promenada Mall (gov cost is 500 THB, usually takes 2 days to process, and is only valid for 30 days.  We have a service to do this for you. See the services page for details.), Or an Affidavit of Residence from your consulate/embassy – For the US embassy, you need to make an appointment online (tues, thurs). The cost is 1500 THB – and is valid for up to 1 year (You should get the document in the same trip). Here is a link to what the US one looks like: Affidavit for Vehicle Issues (“Residence Verification”)

    Documents required for certificate of residence application from Thai Immigration (Note: you do not need these documents to acquire the alternative affidavit of residency from the US consulate):

    1. Application for Certificate of Residence
    2. Rental Contract
    3. 2 photos (2”x2”)
    4. Passport: copies of the photograph page, current visa page/stamp, and tm (departure) card.

    Note: The original document is required for the ownership process, so you should request extra copies if you need them for other process such as obtaining a Thai driver’s license, opening a Thai bank account, etc.

    House Title with your name in it.  Same note about new regulations as above, We will need the original on the day of transfer.


    For Thais

    ID card (Baht Pracha Chon) – copy of front and back on one page.
    House Registration Document (Tabien Baan) – top part is house info, second part/page is the individual’s name in the book (a book can have several pages of names in it)
    Name changes/Divorce papers/Death Certificates/Will, etc if applicable

    If Buying or Selling in a Company/Foundation name:
    Note: Every copy needs to be signed by head chairman/ committee members and stamped with the company/ foundation stamp (including transfer form)

    Company/ Foundation Registration Papers
    Letter of intent to buy or sell said vehicle
    Committee Member(s) individual documents (see required personal documents for Foreigners and Thais above)

    All transfer, registration, and road tax costs are double if a car is registered in a company name.

    Unless a Power of Attorney and Transfer of ownership forms are signed, both parties must go to the Land Transport Office to complete the transfer of ownership. The officers will check to make sure that engine and body numbers match the Title book, and check to make sure that it has undergone a road-worthiness test (for vehicles over seven years old, 5 for motorbikes). If you have not already done this, it can be carried out at inspection centers (Tor.Ror.Or.) around the city.

    Title Document (Lem Tabian):

    The Blue registration book that comes with every used vehicle contains all the details about the vehicle as well as the previous owners, taxes paid, changes that have been made to the vehicle such as paint color or engine, etc. Financiers will hold onto the registration book until all money has been paid.



    Tax and Government Insurance

    All vehicles must display a road tax sticker which must be renewed annually. Costs vary from 600-10,000 THB. per year depending on engine size and vehicle type. Four door trucks and SUV’s will incur a luxury tax. In order to get this sticker you must also buy the government’s compulsory insurance called Por.Ror.Bo which covers the medical expenses of the other party involved in an accident (costs about 645-900 THB.).  We can help you renew this on an annual basis. See the services page for details.



    Additional Insurance:

    Our vehicles are up to date on the compulsory government insurance, but if you require more extensive coverage (recommended) we can arrange it for you. See our services page for details.

    If you have a foreign license already, it is quite easy to obtain a Thai license. This is what you will need:

    • Work Permit OR Certificate of residence from Thai Immigration (you can see the requirements for that in the section above. government sost is 500 THB. We can arrange this paper for you. See the services page for details
    • 5 diseases health certificate which you can get for about 50 THB at almost any clinic (must use within 30 days of issue)
    • A printed description of your license classifications from your Country/State’s DMV/DLT department website. (ie, M1, C, etc), as well as a copy of the front and back of your license
    • Signed copy of your passport (picture page, current visa page, departure card)
    • The cost for the car drivers license card is about 205 THB per card (car and motorcycle license cards are issued separately)

    If you are going to do a motorcycle license too, you will need to make another copy of all your documents as well. You will get a 1 year “temporary”, then you will have to come back to renew with the same paperwork again and the fee will be 605 THB for 5 years. If you do not have a foreign license or it is expired, you need to be there at about 8:30 to sit through a 4 hour training course (in Thai so take a translator if you want), then take the written (English available) and driving tests (you need to provide your own vehicle). Be prepared for a full day event.

    Other helpful resources:



    We require a 10,000 THB non-refundable, non-transferable deposit that will hold the car for up to 7 days.
    Yes, we can arrange financing on most of our vehicles. See the services page for details.
    Yes, we can do trade-ins on most vehicles but we will need you to leave the car with us for 1/2 a day so that we can evaluate the condition to offer you a fair wholesale price. We also offer a consignment service to sell the car on your behalf. In most cases you may be able to get more for your car but it will take a bit more time. See our service page for details.
    If you don’t have cash in the country, we suggest you open a Thai bank account and wire the money to yourself or a friend so you can bring us the cash or wire locally to our bank. It usually takes 3-5 days to do an international transfer.
    1. Cash (THB only)
    2. Bank transfer locally or internationally (the customer will be responsible to make up an differences in the amount that shows up in our account due to currency conversions or bank fees)
    3. Credit cards (charges exceeding 40k THB are subject to an extra 3% credit card processing fee.)
    Sorry we cannot offer this service at this time as most of our vehicles do not have a current collision insurance policy until the buyer pays for a year policy after the sale.
    Yes. We are your one-stop shop! If we can’t take care of we will find someone who can. Our shop is set up to prepare our vehicles for sale and assist our clients that have bought cars from us with their automotive needs.

    Consignment Service

    Sorry, at this time we only offer a certified consignment service. If your vehicle does not meet the criteria, we can at least help you determine a fair market price and reccomend some places to advertise.  When you find a buyer we can help with the title name change if you are interested to use our ownership transfer service.
    Our inspection service is included in the consignment service. If you should decide not to consign the car after this, we charge a 5,000 THB inspection fee.
    We suggest that the car be left with us for a minimum of 45 days. If you decide to stop the consignment service, we only charge 5,000 THB for our initial inspection, detailing, pics, and storage.
    We can deposit the money into a Thai bank account or we can also wire the money to an international account. The seller is responsible for transfer fees.
    Selling your car can take anywhere from one week to several months depending on the type of vehicle, time of year, and price.
    If you’re consigning the car with us and you bring a buyer to us from your own advertising efforts, we will take 5,000 THB off of our service fee.


    We will only inspect a car from a private seller (no dealers cars) at a pre-scheduled time, as we have limited availability for this service. The car will need to be dropped off with us for 1 day. The cost for this service is 5,000 THB and we will give you a list of recommended repairs within approximately 24-48 hrs (sorry we cannot give an estimate on repairs as we do not carry the parts on stock). This is not a guarantee that we will find every problem, but it will give you a baseline to know what you are looking at.



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