Can I get a repair estimate?

Multi-Point Inspection Service


We will only inspect a car from a private seller (no dealers cars) at a pre-scheduled time, as we have limited availability for this service. The car will need to be dropped off with us for 1 day. Please see our inspection menu for options and pricing.

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This depends on what level you choose, but if you go with the most detailed, then please allow ½ day for the inspection and another ½ day to summarize the list for you.

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We will give you a list of all the items we found related to the inspection level you choose.  This is not a guarantee that we will find every problem, but it will give you a baseline/starting point to go off of. If you decide to move forward with repairs after we give an estimate, once we begin actual disassembly and repair/replacement of parts it is possible that we may find additional issues.

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If you would like an estimate for the items found on the inspection please allow an additional 24-48 hrs as we will have to do some research to find parts/pricing for your model.  There are some issues that it is not possible to give an estimate on until further disassembly and diagnosis are done (ie. internal engine problems).

If this is the case we can give you the option to pay for labor/parts for the additional work required (ie. removing the engine head to diagnose if there is a simple head gasket problem or more serious issues such a cracked head).

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