There is some sort of fluid leak on my driveway where I park. How do I know what kind of fluid it is and should I be concerned?

Fluids Leaks

If it’s just plain water most likely it's just your a/c system condensation drainage.  If it's an especially humid day there can be a lot.

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All the engine’s systems are supposed to be closed and not leak, so unless it's just condensation from your a/c working, then it's best to check how severe the leak is, and check your fluids levels before driving the car to get checked.

Motor oil, depending on if it is a petrol or diesel engine can be from a clear brownish color to an almost black color. Power steering and transmission fluid are oily and usually a reddish color. Coolant is more watery and can be a variety of colors from green, pink, blue, green, red, orange.

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