If I have my engine replaced with a used one do I have to re-register the vehicle?


Getting a tune-up would be a good idea if you have an older car and have never done one or if you notice a loss of power, fuel efficiency, etc. A tune-up can involve multiple services such as cleaning and gapping spark plugs or replacement if necessary, throttle-body cleaning, air-flow sensor cleaning, cleaning or replacement of the air filter, internal engine and/or fuel system cleaners. It’s best to have this done at the same time as an oil change if the internal engine cleaners are part of the tune-up.

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The older the car, especially with recent engine work, the more often you should be checking it (weekly). For newer cars it is not necessary to check it as often, but still a good habit (every couple months).

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Let's hope this doesn’t happen to you, but the main cause we see is because of cooling system problems, whether that be from a hose leak, radiator efficiency, radiator cap, radiator fan, faulty thermostat/ water valve.

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Pull over and stop immediately. Call for assistance.

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It varies dependending on the make and model as well as what level of overhaul. Until the engine is taken apart it is not possible to give an accurate quote of the severity of the internal damage. Initially we will charge for a disassembly and diagnosis time. From here we can give an accurate quote in terms of what parts need to be replaced or repaired.

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Pros: 1) Once you’re done you know what you’ve got. 2) You get a warranty on the particular internal parts replaced.
Cons: It takes about 2-3 weeks to complete.

Replacing with used engine
Pros: Replacement is faster than overhauling.
Cons: 1) You don’t know the condition of the internal parts, 2) You don’t get a warranty on the engine.

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Yes, we can assist you with this.

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