What would make my car overheat?

Cooling System

This depends on the type of coolant among other factors.  We can monitor your coolant condition and boiling point rating during regular service intervals.

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You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless it's an emergency for a temporary fix.  If you have to put water in, distilled water like you would put in a car battery is best as it doesn’t have the amount of minerals and chemicals as other water. If the car has coolant in it, then adding additional water will dilute the coolant and its efficacy to increase the boiling point of the water as well as its anti-corrosion and lubricating properties.

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We recommend to put in the manufacturer’s recommended type of coolant that is the best for your engine and radiator metal types. There are several types of coolant which you can find in both concentrated (needs to be mixed with the proper ratio of water) and pre-mixed form. The most common type of coolant is made of Ethylene Glycol, but there are also other types such as Organic or Carboxylate Technology.

Don’t get confused with the colors of coolant either; just because the coolant is the same color does not mean it is the same type. It is important not to mix different types of coolant. If you are topping off coolant, be sure to make sure you are putting in the same kind, otherwise a full flush and refill is the way to go. In order to eliminate water quality issues and ratio mixture mistakes, we only used pre-mixed coolant.

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Checking during normal servicing should be enough for newer cars, but It's a great idea to check it every fews weeks on an older car. The number one major engine problems we see are caused by water loss or cooling system failure.

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Usually this is caused by some components of the cooling system failure such as a hose leak, radiator efficiency, radiator cap problem, radiator fan, faulty thermostat/ water valve, etc.  Your engine can also overheat from other issues such as low oil level but hope that’s not the case!

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