If my air stops working when I’m driving what should I do?


Any service or repair your ac system might need from cleaning of evaporator units to full repair and replacement of all a/c system components.

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The a/c system is a closed system, so if the freon is low it is most likely leaking from somewhere so we don’t suggest only refilling the freon as this is just a temporary fix. It is better to do a leak-down test, fix the leak, and then recharge.

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Obvious signs would be that it is not blowing very strong or the air has an unpleasant odor. If it’s not cooling efficiently this can be from a dirty evaporator unit or could be any number of other items as well. Similar to how a/c wall units in your house need to be cleaned on a regular basis, car a/c units are no different. Thailand air quality can be quite dusty so if driving under normal conditions, a yearly cleaning would be a good idea.

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Firstly, look at your car’s heat gauge to see if the temperature is higher than normal. It can be part of your car's normal warning system to cut the a/c so you become aware of your car’s overheating issue. If the heat is higher than normal, pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance on further diagnosis. The last thing you want to do is to drive your car with a cooling issue and potentially cause internal engine damage.

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