If I can wait for a repair, do you have a customer lounge and what can I expect?

Customer Facilities

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Customer Facilities

Yes you can wait in our customer lounge as long as you’d like, though you may want to find out how long we expect it to take. Diagnosing some issues can take considerable time and it is advised that you plan to drop it off unless advised otherwise by us.

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Yes, we do have a customer waiting area!  We’ve got A/C, power outlets, a small wall bar, and free wifi to start. 


At our self-serve coffee bar we have complimentary fresh brewed coffee/espresso, hot water, cold water, hot tea bag selection, cocoa powder, brown sugar, coffee mate (or fresh milk in the fridge), honey, caramel sauce, and cinnamon.


If you’re feeling snacky we’ve also sourced a selection of healthier snacks we are selling at cost for your convenience, many of which are free from gluten, dairy, and msg.  Some examples include:

  • various nuts (salted cashews, salted almonds, smoked almonds, honey almonds, macadamia, pecans)
  • Mixed nut and fruits combos (almond cranberry, walnuts, dates, figs, etc)
  • Dark chocolate nuts (thin coated almonds, cocoa powdered cashews)
  • Seeds (pumkin, sunflower)
  • Various sugar free mints and gums
  • Meat (Beef jerky, pork jerk, chicken breast chips, no msg pork rinds)
  • Root chips (salted or stevia sweetened sweet potato, mixed root chips)
  • Potato chips (Naturals - rosemary, Kettle - salted, honey dijon)
  • Other chips (Avocado, Quinoa, banana)
  • Rice crackers (blueberry)
  • Freeze-dried fruits (mango, strawberry, apple, mangosteen)
  • Dried fruits (tamarind, raisins, sometimes mango and strawberry)


For drinks:

  • Roselle juice (no added sugar, taiwanese style)
  • Passionfruit/ mango smoothie
  • Coconut water (with vitamin A, with added fiber, with coconut meat chunks)
  • Non-dairy milks (almond, oat, walnut, chocolate cashew-pistachio)
  • Unsweetened teas (Sencha green tea, jasmine green tea, genmai green tea, oolong, hojicha roasted tea)
  • Flavoured vitamin waters (panden, genmai)
  • High PH water (7, 8.5)
  • Unsweetened Soda water (plain, peach, grapefruit)


*Product availability can change from time to time.

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