Do you have logistic services such as service calls, pickup/delivery, and towing?

Maintenance & Repair Overview


In order to be able to give you the best service, Yes, please call or message to find out our availability.

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This is something that we are working on but it can be challenging to offer standard package rates since we deal in so many years, makes, and models of cars that require different types and amounts of fluids at different intervals.

We don’t want to pass the higher cost of more expensive vehicles on to owners of smaller cars by only having standard packages that cover all models. Also packages can often include service items that your car doesn’t need at the time. 

At this point we have taken a more custom approach to assessing each vehicle's actual needs at the time of service, as well as manufacture recommendations, and providing custom recommendations and estimates. 

If you have any ideas or input on this we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

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We work primarily on popular asian makes and models such as Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Kia, Proton, Hyundai, etc.  We generally do not work on European cars.

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Currently, we do not offer this service unless your car is in for some type of warranty repair (availability is limited for this as well).  We have, however, partnered with top-rated rental agencies in order to be able to offer you their direct rental rates. See details here.

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We want to save our customers money but we also want to save them hassle.  In some cases the price difference between repairing or using a second hand part is not significantly different than the cost of replacing with a new part. 

We also use our past experience on the longevity and efficacy of repairing particular components and weigh it against the cost comparison and longevity of a new part.  If the different options cost to benefit ratio are not obvious we will often give two options for you to decide. 

We do not give a warranty on used parts and temporary fixes so that is also something to consider.

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We only use grade A non-OEM parts. If non-OEM parts are not available then we use OEM parts.

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Yes, if you request them before the work is started so that we don’t throw them away.

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Yes we work on cars of all ages!

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Possibly in the short term but we can’t guarantee in the long-term.

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Customer Facilities

Yes you can wait in our customer lounge as long as you’d like, though you may want to find out how long we expect it to take. Diagnosing some issues can take considerable time and it is advised that you plan to drop it off unless advised otherwise by us.

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Yes, we do have a customer waiting area!  We’ve got A/C, power outlets, a small wall bar, and free wifi to start. 


At our self-serve coffee bar we have complimentary fresh brewed coffee/espresso, hot water, cold water, hot tea bag selection, cocoa powder, brown sugar, coffee mate (or fresh milk in the fridge), honey, caramel sauce, and cinnamon.


If you’re feeling snacky we’ve also sourced a selection of healthier snacks we are selling at cost for your convenience, many of which are free from gluten, dairy, and msg.  Some examples include:

  • various nuts (salted cashews, salted almonds, smoked almonds, honey almonds, macadamia, pecans)
  • Mixed nut and fruits combos (almond cranberry, walnuts, dates, figs, etc)
  • Dark chocolate nuts (thin coated almonds, cocoa powdered cashews)
  • Seeds (pumkin, sunflower)
  • Various sugar free mints and gums
  • Meat (Beef jerky, pork jerk, chicken breast chips, no msg pork rinds)
  • Root chips (salted or stevia sweetened sweet potato, mixed root chips)
  • Potato chips (Naturals - rosemary, Kettle - salted, honey dijon)
  • Other chips (Avocado, Quinoa, banana)
  • Rice crackers (blueberry)
  • Freeze-dried fruits (mango, strawberry, apple, mangosteen)
  • Dried fruits (tamarind, raisins, sometimes mango and strawberry)


For drinks:

  • Roselle juice (no added sugar, taiwanese style)
  • Passionfruit/ mango smoothie
  • Coconut water (with vitamin A, with added fiber, with coconut meat chunks)
  • Non-dairy milks (almond, oat, walnut, chocolate cashew-pistachio)
  • Unsweetened teas (Sencha green tea, jasmine green tea, genmai green tea, oolong, hojicha roasted tea)
  • Flavoured vitamin waters (panden, genmai)
  • High PH water (7, 8.5)
  • Unsweetened Soda water (plain, peach, grapefruit)


*Product availability can change from time to time.

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Yes, we have standards in how we measure and make recommendations on different components. On our inspection sheets we have specific numbers for what would categorize a component as Green, Yellow, Red. A few examples would include:

brake fluid (moisture content %, visual condition), coolant (boiling point temperature, visual condition), tires (mm. tread depth, age, weather cracking, suppleness), disc brake pads/ drum brake shoes (mm. Thickness, glazing, seperation), battery (CCA output vs battery rating, age, cell condition),

There are also many items that have recommended manufacture service intervals such as transmission fluid, timing belts, fuel filter, water pump, etc. 

On our quotes, we will specify if an item is Red or Yellow to help you understand the urgency of an item.  Not all items are urgent, but if left too long they can have cascading effects that may cost you more money in the long run.. an example might be loose suspension/ steering components. This can lead to the wheels being out of alignment and cause uneven tire wear.

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Diagnosing problems takes expertise, equipment, tools, and labor hours, so yes we do charge for this.

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For some services we have standard service charges. For a labor rate line we have two different rates depending on the type of work. Standard for general types of repair, and Advanced for more specialized types of work such as electrical, engine overhauls, etc. Contact us for a quote on the work you need done.

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Yes!  See here.

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Repair Warranty

Yes!  We provide a 90 day new parts + labor warranty.  

* We do not offer any warranty on used parts (ie. automatic transmissions, engines, electrical components, etc). 



  • Standard part replacement warranty: 30 days for replacement of new parts and labor for that part replacement.
  • Service & Repair work (ie. machine work, alignments, etc
  • Paint & Body Work:
  • Engine Overhaul:  warranty on the particular parts used to partially or fully rebuild/ overhaul the engine.


Terms and Conditions:

To be clear, our warranty does not cover a general issue with the car, but only the parts and labor involved for replacing a particular component.  


Non-Warranty Examples:

  1. if you come in with an A/C problem and we find a problem on one part of the system and fix it, but later another part of the system (different part) has an issue, our warranty does not cover the whole a/c system from having any problems, but only if there is a problem on the component we fixed initially.  
  2. Another more complex case might be that we find that only a certain part of a larger part has an issue. For example the front clutch assembly on your a/c compressor needs to be replaced, and after replacement it works fine for a while, then the compressor acts up and we find that the whole compressor needs to be replaced.  In this case you will need to buy a new compressor (includes front clutch assembly) but we will reimburse you for the replacement of the clutch assembly as long as it is within 7 days of replacing the clutch assembly, if beyond this point then we cannot reimburse you for the clutch assembly.

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