What if I decide I need to sell my car right away?

Service fees

The consignment fee depends on the age and condition (which will determine which car classification we put it in and our warranty risk/ time-frame), as well as the final selling price for all sales classes except Bronze class which is a flat fee because this is the as-is section and we don’t have any warranty risk.

The basic pricing is based on a % of the final sales price, with a minimum fee set for each. Please set an appointment with our sales team to come in with your car so we can give you the appropriate information based on your car details.

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 If you’re consigning the car with us and you bring a buyer to us from your own advertising efforts, we will take 5,000 THB off of our service fee. We are still providing all the other services from storage, detailing, photos, appointments/test drives, sales agreements, ownership transfer services, and warranty (if applicable).

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If you’re consigning your car with us but then find yourself in a bit of a time crunch, ask us if we’d like to buy it.  If we’re not interested, then we can assist you by contacting our dealer network to shop around and get you another fair wholesale offer. The standard consignment fee will be adjusted to a lower brokerage fee.

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