Who sets the sales price of the car, me or Expat Auto?


Selling your car can take anywhere from one week to several months depending on many factors.  Some of the factors include, inspection and repair estimate approval time, specific repairs involved to prep the car (ie. some paint work), the type of vehicle, time of year, and price.  The lower you are willing to start on price will help with this time-frame.  Periodic price adjustments are also part of the consignment agreement to keep the process moving.

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In order to maintain our reputation of providing cars at fair market prices, we will do the market research and assess the condition of the car and suggest the starting price. Initially we will give a market range, then after the full inspection and repair approvals we can nail down the starting price based on the condition.

If you would like to price it lower than our suggested price to facilitate a quicker sale that is also acceptable. We also require monthly price drops as a percentage of the current sale price after the first two months to ensure it doesn’t sit for too long.

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