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General FAQs : Expat Auto Co., Ltd. General FAQs : Expat Auto Co., Ltd.

What’s the difference between selling my car outright to Expat Auto vs. using the consignment service?


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The main difference is the time-frame to get your money and the amount of money you will receive. With a purchase offer you will get your money right away;The amount we can offer will be less than you would get after using our consignment service. If you are not in a rush to sell, the main advantage of the consignment service is that you will be left with a greater amount than if you take a purchase offer.

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Almost, though we do have our standards :).  There are a few problematic models that we won’t accept as well as some quality/condition requirements that need to be met (we can help with this though).  We sell older cars as well as like-new cars so we have created a car classification system in order to be able to facilitate a system that allows for cars of varying ages and conditions.

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