What if I want to stop using the consignment service before my car has been sold?

Consignment Sale Service



The main difference is the time-frame to get your money and the amount of money you will receive. With a purchase offer you will get your money right away;The amount we can offer will be less than you would get after using our consignment service. If you are not in a rush to sell, the main advantage of the consignment service is that you will be left with a greater amount than if you take a purchase offer.

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Almost, though we do have our standards :).  There are a few problematic models that we won’t accept as well as some quality/condition requirements that need to be met (we can help with this though).  We sell older cars as well as like-new cars so we have created a car classification system in order to be able to facilitate a system that allows for cars of varying ages and conditions.

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 If you are going to be leaving the country it is important that we sort out the paperwork before you leave to make sure we can transfer the car in your absence.  


Currently the department of land transport (DLT) requires the seller to have a valid visa and residency certificate (which you can only get if you are in the country) at the time of doing the transfer.  Unless you have a visa that is still going to be good for a long time and you can provide an affidavit from your consulate that doesn’t have an expiration date we will need you to find a friend that would be willing to let you transfer the car into their name temporarily until we sell it so that we can submit the required paperwork to the DLT when the time comes to transfer it to a buyer.  


This initial temporary ownership transfer process will require both you and your friend to get a residence certificate (unless they are Thai then just an ID card copy), then we will have to get another residency certificate for your friend once we are able to sell it.  Don’t freak out if it sounds complicated, we’re here to help!

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At least 30 days before your visa expires would be our recommendation (requirements for getting a residence certificate is min. 20 days remaining).  See next FAQ on additional preparations you can make.

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Yes, we require the vehicle to be left in our care after our inspection unless it is 2 years or newer and still under manufacturer warranty. In that case the car can be in your care but we don’t recommend it as it will reduce your chances of being able to sell the car if viewings are only available by appointment.  We have clients that come in all the time without appointments and don’t know exactly what they are looking for so if your car is here and available to look at all the time.

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In order to maintain our reputation of providing cars at fair market prices, we will do the market research and assess the condition of the car and suggest the starting price. Initially we will give a market range, then after the full inspection and repair approvals we can nail down the starting price based on the condition.

If you would like to price it lower than our suggested price to facilitate a quicker sale that is also acceptable. We also require monthly price drops as a percentage of the current sale price after the first two months to ensure it doesn’t sit for too long.

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Selling your car can take anywhere from one week to several months depending on many factors.  Some of the factors include, inspection and repair estimate approval time, specific repairs involved to prep the car (ie. some paint work), the type of vehicle, time of year, and price.  The lower you are willing to start on price will help with this time-frame.  Periodic price adjustments are also part of the consignment agreement to keep the process moving.

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Service fees

If you’re consigning your car with us but then find yourself in a bit of a time crunch, ask us if we’d like to buy it.  If we’re not interested, then we can assist you by contacting our dealer network to shop around and get you another fair wholesale offer. The standard consignment fee will be adjusted to a lower brokerage fee.

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 If you’re consigning the car with us and you bring a buyer to us from your own advertising efforts, we will take 5,000 THB off of our service fee. We are still providing all the other services from storage, detailing, photos, appointments/test drives, sales agreements, ownership transfer services, and warranty (if applicable).

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The consignment fee depends on the age and condition (which will determine which car classification we put it in and our warranty risk/ time-frame), as well as the final selling price for all sales classes except Bronze class which is a flat fee because this is the as-is section and we don’t have any warranty risk.

The basic pricing is based on a % of the final sales price, with a minimum fee set for each. Please set an appointment with our sales team to come in with your car so we can give you the appropriate information based on your car details.

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Sorry, No FAQ Available!


We suggest that the car be left with us for a minimum of 45 days. If you decide to stop the consignment service, we only charge 5,000 THB cancellation fee for our initial inspection, detailing, pics, and storage.

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Our inspection service is included in the consignment service. If you should decide not to consign the car after this, we charge our standard 4320 THB + VAT inspection fee.

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