Does the insurance company need to take pictures of my car?

Process Logistics

We need 

  • A scan/picture of your car’s blue title book page with your name in it.
  • A scan/picture of the picture page of your passport or Thai driver’s license.
  • Your current house address.
  • Your phone number.

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 Approximately 1 hour once we submit your info to the insurance company, however it will depend on our work load.  We have to take the information we receive in Thai for each company and put it in our side by side comparison template in either English, Thai, or Chinese for your convenience.

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Unfortunately not, insurance quotes are paid upfront for a whole year.

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Once you decide to move forward on a particular insurance policy we can issue you an invoice so you can make payment to our bank account. Once we receive the money we can send it to the insurance company and get them to issue the policy.

Initially they will send us a temporary policy which we will give to you. You are covered at this point but we have to wait approximately 2 weeks to receive the hard copy in the mail. 

Once we receive the hardcopy we will contact you to give you the option to either pick it up at our office or have us send it registered mail to your address.

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Only if you are getting 1st class insurance with a new company.  Any existing damage will not be covered under the policy, so if possible, it's best to have all the existing damage taken care of before getting a policy from a new company. Also keep in mind that some insurance companies will not issue 1st class insurance if there are too many scratches.

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