Is there a difference in the quality of claim repair work between insurance companies?


We are always here to help if you should need assistance of any kind with your insurance. Here are some details of how we can help:

  • Free services:
    • Phone assistance with any communication problems with the insurance company call center when making a claim.
    • If you have 1st class insurance and need to make a claim after an incident on your car, either caused by you, or no witnesses are available, and you bring your car to our office we can assist you to call the insurance company to send an agent out to assess the damage and give you a claim paper that you can take into one of their approved garages.
    • Changing your address. We don’t charge for this service, but the insurance companies usually charge approximately 150 THB, so we will need to collect this fee.  *Note: Your insurance policy must be at least 3 months old in order to change the address
  • Extra service fee:
    • Logistics with the repair garage when making a claim.  Once you have a claim paper, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of scheduling the repair with an approved garage, dropping it off for the appointment, and picking it up when the time comes you can use our Insurance Claim Liaison Service.

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We can sell from approximately 30 different insurance companies.  When we give you a quote comparison we usually will show you 3-5 companies that we have had good experience with.  If you have a specific company you are interested in we can also get you a quote from them if they are in our network.

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This changes from year to year so we can’t recommend any one company, but we offer comparisons from the companies we have had the best experience with in terms of value for money (price vs coverage details), ease of communication and making claims, and also the quality and expediency of repair garages work within the company’s network.

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Not all insurance approved paint and body work repair garages are managed the same, so from our experience, yes there can be a difference in both quality and service. As one of the weighing factors we will try to recommend an insurance company that has particular garages we favor in their network.

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