What are the rental terms?

Car Rentals

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Car Rentals

Rental terms vary depending on our partner, but we will let you know what the specific terms are when we give you a quote.


Standard terms from most of our partners:

– Security Deposit: 5-000-10,000 THB depending on the partner and car model. 

 * It will depend on the partner as to whether this can be charged to a credit card or not, and in most cases it will have to be returned in cash or by bank transfer to a Thai bank.

– Payment Terms: pre-payment for the first rental term (up to one month. Contracts longer than one month will be invoiced monthly by the partner and must be prepaid).

– Liability/ Damage Deductible:  Limited to 5,000-10,000  HB deductible for each separate accident involving damage to or loss of the vehicle, regardless of fault.

– Paperwork: 

  1. A valid drivers license from any country is required.  21 years of age minimum.
  2.  A valid passport is required.

– Fuel: The car will be full when you pick it up, and if not dropped off with a full tank, a 50 THB/L. charged for missing fuel.

– Detailing: Basic cleaning is included, any special cleaning required to bring it back to the original condition will be an extra charge.

– No smoking policy.

– Delivery and/or pickup – generally free, but depending on the distance from their office there may be an additional fee.


Some partners also offer additional options such as:

– Super damage waiver (no deductible/excess)

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