Is the price of the vehicle that you show me negotiable?

Fees & Pricing

For clarity and transparency, at the time of a car viewing we will go through any details of what is not included and approximately how much extra it would be for any items you might want to do, as well as making a vehicle specific amendment agreement to the initial car finding agreement to summarize if you decide to move forward with a specific vehicle.

  • - Tires
  • - Extra keys or key fobs
  • - Cosmetics (ie. paint blemishes, interior blemishes, etc.)
  • - Existing accessories problems (ie. proximity sensors, stereos/speakers, window film scratches, etc).
  • - Extra desired accessories. See details here.
  • - Collision Insurance policy (ie. 1st class, etc). See detail here.
  • - Add-on comprehensive warranty/ mechanical insurance. See details and options here.
  • - Your residency certificate from Thai immigration (required for ownership transfer) - See this service details here.

* We can provide you with a quote for any of these items per your request.


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Like the cars on our lot the price is haggle-free.  We have already done price negotiations with the seller and made sure that any vehicles we recommend are within fair market value.

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