What does the Active Search Service step by step process look like?


We primarily look from local private sellers and dealers so that when we find a vehicle we can arrange a local viewing.  In some cases, if it is a make and model that we would buy for our own inventory anyways, and if the availability and timing works out,  we have been able to source some cars through our nationwide online auction network.

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Because most sellers are not willing to let us complete our full multi-point inspection before a sale, we rely on our expertise to do 

  • A visual evaluation of signs of wear and tear, accidents, etc.
  • A test drive to test for unusual sounds, power, etc.
  • Titlebook history to check for changes in registration related to engine, fuel type, ie. LPG, etc.

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We will give you the details of a potential vehicle for viewing beforehand and if agreed we will arrange the viewing.  If after viewing you are not satisfied with the vehicle for just reasons we will keep looking for another vehicle.

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We will try to arrange the viewings to happen at Expat Auto. There are some cases where we may have to take you to the seller's location.

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We will handle the transaction with the seller for you, so payment can be made to us so that we can arrange the timing and sale contract between you and the seller. Payments for the vehicle are cash only; since it is not an Expat Auto car sale we cannot run the money through our accounts. Expat Auto’s service fee however can be paid directly to Expat Auto via our preferred payment method.

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Yes, you will get a sale agreement between you and the seller.

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  1. After submitting the form, we will do some initial research and be incontact to let you know if we think we can source what you are looking for, or if not, then any adjustments that might need to be made to the initial criteria such as budget, year, mileage, etc.
  2. If we can mutually agree on the car criteria we will formalize the service by signing a car finding service agreement, which outlines the terms of the service as described above, and have you pay the initial deposit to begin the search process.
  3. We will then use our expertise to actively search for a car in excellent condition that matches your criteria. 
  4. Once we find a car that looks like it will meet the criteria, we will go and do an initial assessment of the vehicle’s condition at the owner’s place. If everything else looks good, we will schedule an appointment with the owner for a viewing at our office.
  5. If you like the car we will go through any details of what is included or not included and approximately how much extra it would be for any items you might want to do.
  6. If you agree to buy the car from the seller at the agreed upon terms, we can make a vehicle specific amendment agreement to the initial car finding agreement, as well as facilitating in making a sale agreement with the seller and making payment for 1) the car, 2) remaining balance of car finding/warranty service.
  7. Once the car and car finding service has been paid in full, the car will be brought to our facility to complete the following: 
    1. The ownership transfer
    2. Our multi-point inspection
    3. Car prep items as agreed upon (time-frame for this will depend upon the specific items needing attention, if any).
    4. Any other items requested such as accessories, insurance, or warranty add-ons.
  8. Pick up your new wheels and titlebook!

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