What happens if I decide to cancel the service?


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  • Case 1: The service can be canceled at any time during the agreement period with a forfeiting of your initial 5,000 THB payment to begin the service. 
  • Case 2: if after the initial two week agreement period we have not been able to find a vehicle that meets your requirements we can either revise the requirements and extend the agreement for another two weeks, or you can cancel the service and we will return your initial 5,000 THB payment.

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Attention all customers Expat Auto's phone number has changed to the following numbers:
To contact sale please contact : 092-131-0124
To contact Service, insurance, and accounting please contact: 092-131-0125, 092-131-0126

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ติดต่อฝ่ายขาย กรุณาติดต่อ: 092-131-0124

ติดต่องานบริการ ประกันภัย และบัญชี
ติดต่อ: 092-131-0125, 092-131-0126 ขอบคุณ