Can you arrange car accessories that are not available in your shop, examples?


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Little to no installation required:


  • Air Pump
  • Battery Charger
  • Wiper blade repair tool
  • Tire Pressure Sensors (TPMS)
  • Vacuum cleaners (small, portable)



  • Air Pump/ Jump starter in one
  • Jump Starter
  • Emergency - hammer/ seatbelt cutter
  • Emergency - lantern - magnetic
  • Phone Number Display



  • Blind spot Mirror - 1-3 side views options


Air quality 

  • Yankee Candle Air Fresheners (hanging cards, hanging gel, vent liquid, vent sticks)
  • Car Air Purifier
  • Fan - seat, magnetic, vent,


Sound System

  • Bluetooth Receiver (aux plugin with controls, usb/aux with controls, usb/aux no controls)
  • Cables: aux (straight 90 degree)


Other Electronics

  • 12V outlet USB chargers, 
  • 12 V outlet extension cable to USB multiport
  • 12V outlet expander (multi 12V outlets)


Phone Accessories

  • Wireless phone charging holders/mounts
  •  Cables (usb type-c)
  • Phone Mounts (a/c vent, ac/vent wireless charging, cd tray mount, dash clip mount, dash gravity holders; portrait/ landscape, dash magnetic, dash rest, mirror mount, rear seat mounting, rear wireless charging, suction type, etc)


For Children

  • Child seat anchor points
  • Head support for kids (fold down from head rest, seat belt attachment, etc)
  • Seatbelt strap adjuster - kids


Comfort and support

  • Center armrest (with and without cup holders)
  • Body support cushions (cloth/ pleather, standard /massaging/ cooling fan, neck and head/ back/ butt, knee)
  • Seatbelt cover
  • Sun visor - extension
  • Windshield Sun Shade (suction mount rollout type)



  • Door step - to get to roof luggage, etc.
  • Interior convenience lights (for in dash box, under seat, door, feet area, etc)
  • Tire Pressure Sensors (TPMS)
  • Sunglasses holder


Food and Drink

  • Individual drink cooler and/or warmer
  • Heated drink thermos
  • Cup holders (front enlarger, front multi cup expander, rear center, hanging, etc)
  • Rear passenger folding trays tables (with and without cup holders, with and without extra storage compartments)
  • Trays other (clip on - movable, steering wheel mount)


Keep it clean!

  • Garbage bin (back seat mounts, for cup holder, etc)
  • Vacuum cleaners (small, portable)
  • Rear Seat Protection - rear kick panel
  • Full coverage floor mat sets (custom fit, various styles and colors)


Keep it organized!

  • Coat Hangers
  • Hangers - standard hanging hooks, foldable hooks and magnetic phone holder in one, window suction cup clips, etc)
  • Organizer - for wires, coins, cards, trash, etc
  • Space Organizers (seat gap trays, between front seats area, behind rear seats, trunk area, etc)
  • Seat gap filler (with and without pocket for phones, etc.)
  • Storage containers/ organizers (for second and third row)
  • Umbrella holder (interior mount for small umbrella, trunk mount for longer umbrella)


Exterior Car Care

  • Door bump guards

Installation Required

  • Window Film/ Tinting. See more details here
  • Seat Covers (custom fit, various styles and colors)
  • Backup cameras (camera only that can install to your existing stereo head units LCD display screen, or standalone units that fit over your rear view mirror that act as a rear view mirror and backup camera display screen, and front dvr camera combo)
  • Car DVRs (front only; with and without display screen, front & rear with display screen, mirror type with backup camera combo). Varying qualities and prices based on multiple factors such as front and rear camera recording resolutions, low light performance, display screen size and resolution, hardware quality, software functionality, mobile app option, etc.)
  • Proximity Sensors (rear and/or front, 4-8 sensors with display screen) 
  • Wheel rims protective colored plastic (various, blue, yellow, orange, green, etc.)
  • Interior moulding trim (various colors..metallics: red, blue, silver. Solid colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, etc.)

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Yes, some examples would be:



  • Car stereo head units
  • Speakers



  • alloy wheels/rims
  • luggage racks
  • brighter headlight bulbs
  • sun/rain door guards
  • Pickup Accessories:
    • pickup side steps
    • pickup canopies
    • pickup bed covers
    • pickup bed mats
    • heavy duty front/ rear bumpers 
    • pickup lift kits

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