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What is included with the free 24 Roadside assistance service?


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Roadside Assistance Coverage Details:

  • Roadside assistance service unlimited number of times Throughout the period of membership in the program to extend the warranty period of car parts (except spare parts)
  • Service to lift / tow an unlimited number of times. Throughout the period of membership in the program to extend the warranty of car parts (Only 1 emergency / 1 incident)
  • Towing / towing a car to the location that the customer wants or to the nearest service center within 30 kilometers. In case of lifting / towing a car with a distance of more than 30 kilometers, a fee of 30 baht per kilometer will be charged. Responsible for the difference in cost for towing / towing services
  • In case of accidental locking of the car The staff will coordinate with skilled locksmiths. To find a way to get into the car at the scene of the accident and must obtain the consent of the members first The member is responsible for the expenses for the locksmith.
  • In the event of an emergency oil run out The car cannot be driven. The staff will deliver no more than 10 liters of fuel so customers can drive to the nearest gas station. including services which is the first aid at the scene where the member is responsible for the cost of fuel
  • In case the battery runs out, the staff will help by jumping the battery. If the battery deteriorates and needs to replace the battery The member will be responsible for the cost of replacing the new battery.
  • In the event of a tire leak, the staff will help by replacing the spare parts. so that customers can drive continuously in case there is no spare tire. The staff will take the tires to patch and put the tires back on. so that customers can continue to drive. The member is responsible for the cost of reprinting.



Roadside Assistance reserves the right to decline coverage in the following cases:

  • This service does not include accidents. and natural disasters
  • Any expenses incurred must be approved by the insurer before performing any repairs.
  • Expenses that are under the responsibility of members such as fuel and expressway costs.
  • The cost of replacing various parts
  • Expenses resulting from participation in speed races, rally events and endurance tests.
  • Any expenses as a result of car maintenance errors
  • Any expenses as a result of the members being under the influence of drunkenness and drugs
  • Losses resulting from direct and indirect incursions from the inability to operate.

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In the case of Saturday - Sunday And on public holidays, “AsiaCare Warranty Roadside Assistance” offers 24-hour roadside assistance nationwide at 02 949 5880 which can help tow your car to a manufacturer's service center near you. (But the claim has not been notified) and must contact the initial damage claim center via the number specified in the manual on the next business day.


(Claim Center business hours Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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Use the Hotline number given to you in your AsiaCare Welcome Pack to make a claim. All administration of your claim will be handled by our staff and you will NEVER be asked to pay anything to the repair centre to get your car fixed. We pay ALL costs related to your claim

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It is not necessary to check the condition of the car before purchasing AsiaCare, but it is recommended that you provide a history of service or at least the latest check from the manufacture service center (or B-Quick) to attach with the application documents to avoid any potential claim issues (see note below).


* Note: If the customer never has a history of periodic checks You can buy our products as well, but there is a limitation that "in the event of a claim", the service center needs to request to check the damage before repairing.  If the damage that is found occurred before insuring auto parts with AsiaCare Warranty the insurance company has the right to deny that coverage.

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The method of claiming is the same as in Bangkok and its vicinities. In case the customer needs a tow truck to visit the manufacturer's service center, “AsiaCare Warranty Roadside Assistance” is ready to provide 24-hour roadside assistance nationwide.  Another good service from AsiaCare Warranty gives our valued customers peace of mind.

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  1. Contact the initial damage hotline via the number listed in the warranty manual. And bring the car to the nearest service center.
  2. Manufacturer's service center checks the spare parts list.
  3. Wait for the claim center for approval within 24 hours (the coverage is according to the package that the customer chooses to buy. and according to the conditions set by the policy)
  4. Service center repairs
  5. Wait for payment 5 working days before taking the car out of the service center or reserve it and take the car out for use. (Refund within 5 business days)

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When you receive your AsiaCare Warranty Welcome Pack, there will be a Hotline number given to you for any customer service help you may require.

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All repairs are performed at a manufacturers service centre. All parts and labour will be genuine and have the usual manufacturers

guarantees. We NEVER place used/old parts on your vehicle.

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Yes. If you want to sell your vehicle, and there is still policy cover remaining on your AsiaCare Warranty, you can advertise the car with this benefit. We will change the name of the warranty owner to the new person free of charge.

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Yes. Near the end of the period that you own your AsiaCare Warranty, we will contact you to check if you wish to renew it.

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 Simple! Contact us through our website (or LINE@ or Facebook) and our staff will help you with all the steps needed to complete your purchase.

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The price depends on the package, car make, model, age, mileage, cc number of the car and the drive system of the car (4-wheel or 2-wheel), starting as little as 8,300 baht for 12 months x 20,000km Bronze cover (Engine, Transmission, Drive-Axle).

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  1. Vehicles less than 10 years old or mileage not over 200,000 kilometers
  2. Not fixed Modified deviating from the standards set by the car manufacturer.
  3. It is not used in various car races. or use it in off-road
  4. It is not taken in a short-term rental to be a taxi. Used in driving schools or used commercially or for hire.
  5. It is not used for public service such as police cars, fire engines, ambulances, rescue vehicles, military vehicles, etc.
  6. It is not produced or imported into the Kingdom of Thailand by a car manufacturer.
  7. Not imported car not a gray car and not a registered car 32
  8. Must be serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's car maintenance and repair requirements.
  9. The odometer number of the car is not working correctly. modified to work or was removed from the vehicle
  10. Not in a state of being unable to drive or not registered with the Department of Transport
  11. Does not take care of damage caused by or in connection with collisions or road accidents / corrosion / performance deterioration

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Currently, there are 21 vehicle manufacturers that can receive the AsiaCare Warranty. All Japanese manufacturers are included and

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo can also have an AsiaCare Warranty.  *Note: Exotic brands, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc., are NOT covered by AsiaCare.

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 Various fluids used for maintenance and repair, such as:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Power Steering oil
  • Radiator Coolant
  • AC Freon
  • Lubricant
  • Filters
  • Radiator cleaner 
  • etc.

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  • Any part not listed in the Spare Parts Protection List.
  • Wear and tear from normal use (calculated from the service life of the car to the parts that are covered)
  • Damages that occur before the warranty starts
  • Consumable parts that require periodic replacement
  • Any claim that the warranty company was not informed before the repair started. Or if the company has not yet approved Asia Care as a non-life insurance broker presents a program to extend the warranty period for auto parts. and receive payment of insurance premiums only
  • Continuous damage from spare parts that are not covered
  • Continuous damage to spare parts that are not covered
  • Road accident damage
  • The cost of transporting the car to the service center beyond the first 30 km.


*Additional Notes:

* Does not cover the Hybrid system, including the electrical system connected to the Hybrid system in all cases

* Does not cover bushings, shock absorbers, suspension

* Does not cover parts that have deteriorated from normal use and various liquids that need to be replaced periodically

* Does not cover any spare parts that need to be replaced periodically in normal car maintenance This includes but is not limited to spark plugs, belts, rubber hoses, metal hoses, brake pads, wipers, friction materials, clutch linings, exhaust systems, catalytic converters, batteries, Lamps, tires, paintwork, bodywork and bodywork, glass parts, radio antennas, telephone systems, soft roofs and mechanisms. Eyebrows or interior trim materials, suspension bushings, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, alloy wheels, etc.

* Does not cover the case that the spare parts are damaged / damaged before insurance.

* Does not cover any spare parts that are not in the list of protection parts package that you purchase

* In the event of a claim/repair Must bring the car to the service center and replacement of genuine parts from the manufacturer's service center only

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The coverage depends on the package that the customer chooses.  It is divided into 3 packages as follows:


  • Gold Package Covers spare parts close to the new car quality warranty. Covers spare parts to 13 main groups as follows:
  1. Air conditioning and heating systems
  2. brake system
  3. Front and rear axle assembly
  4. electrical system
  5. engine
  6. engine cooling system
  7. fuel system
  8. Fuel injection and pollution control system
  9. hi-tech parts
  10. steering system
  11. Anti-vibration system front and rear
  12. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)
  13. turbocharger (Factory installed)



  • Silver Package Protection of high-value spares and key drive components in 5 main groups
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Electrical system
  3. Engine
  4. Water pump engine cooling system
  5. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)


  • Bronze Package Protection of 3 main groups of high-value spare parts
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Engine
  3. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)



  • It does not cover the list of consumable parts that must be replaced periodically, such as wipers, spark plugs, brake pads, friction materials, clutch linings, exhaust systems, batteries, light bulbs, tires, etc.
  • This auto parts warranty requires that the vehicle be serviced properly, regularly and on time as recommended by the manufacturer.


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AsiaCare Warranty products are divided into 3 types of coverage.

  • Bronze Package - Protection for 34 items. High-value genuine parts protection. . 
  • Silver Package - Coverage 44 items. Protect genuine parts that are high value and important for driving a car. including the electrical system
  • Gold Package - Protection for 128 items, covering genuine parts close to the new car quality warranty.The AsiaCare Warranty is also available from 12 months x 20,000km up to 24 months x 40,000km.

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Yes. The OIC (Office of the Insurance Commissioner) has approved the AsiaCare Vehicle Warranty in Thailand.

Asia Care is also guaranteed by a leading company from London, which is known and accepted from all over the world.  Guaranteed performance AAA+ award from Standard & Poors (a global credit rating agency) guarantees peace of mind in every ride. No worries about the cost of replacing genuine parts. Can continue to be covered immediately after the new car warranty expires.

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Car insurance typically covers damage caused to your vehicle by an accident, theft, fire and other natural disasters. AsiaCare Warranty plans are in place to repair the covered mechanical or electrical failures of your vehicle if they break down under normal use after the original manufacturer's warranty has expired. Another way to think about the AsiaCare Warranty is that it is HEALTHCARE for your vehicle.

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