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Logistics FAQs : Expat Auto Co., Ltd. Logistics FAQs : Expat Auto Co., Ltd.

What preparations should I make to leave the car on consignment with you?


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 If you are going to be leaving the country it is important that we sort out the paperwork before you leave to make sure we can transfer the car in your absence.  


Currently the department of land transport (DLT) requires the seller to have a valid visa and residency certificate (which you can only get if you are in the country) at the time of doing the transfer.  Unless you have a visa that is still going to be good for a long time and you can provide an affidavit from your consulate that doesn’t have an expiration date we will need you to find a friend that would be willing to let you transfer the car into their name temporarily until we sell it so that we can submit the required paperwork to the DLT when the time comes to transfer it to a buyer.  


This initial temporary ownership transfer process will require both you and your friend to get a residence certificate (unless they are Thai then just an ID card copy), then we will have to get another residency certificate for your friend once we are able to sell it.  Don’t freak out if it sounds complicated, we’re here to help!

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At least 30 days before your visa expires would be our recommendation (requirements for getting a residence certificate is min. 20 days remaining).  See next FAQ on additional preparations you can make.

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Yes, we require the vehicle to be left in our care after our inspection unless it is 2 years or newer and still under manufacturer warranty. In that case the car can be in your care but we don’t recommend it as it will reduce your chances of being able to sell the car if viewings are only available by appointment.  We have clients that come in all the time without appointments and don’t know exactly what they are looking for so if your car is here and available to look at all the time.

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