How far from Expat Auto can you offer the towing service?

Car Repair Logistics & Liaison Services

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Car Repair Logistics & Liaison Services

Approximately 30 km. would be the limit.  The service fee is standard up to 5 km., then extra for each additional km. Ask google for directions from Expat Auto to your house pin and subtract the first 5 km. to see the # of additional km. you will be charged for.

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The service call fee is collected regardless of the problem being able to be repaired onsite or not.  Parts and or labor to fix the problem onsite will be an additional cost.

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If towing is required then the towing service is an additional cost to the service call as we use a third party service for towing.

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Anywhere in Thailand!  We partner with towing services all over the country to be able to provide this service. 

You might also want to consider a 24/hr roadside assistance policy which will cover you for this kind of thing and the yearly cost is about the same price as one towing. See more details here.

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