In an effort to curb undocumented tour and free-lance businesses, the Land transport office requires extra paperwork when registering a hi-top vans such as Toyota Commuter, Nissan Urvan, etc.


Forms and Letters

  • Special Application forms (2). 
  • Letter outlining reason and objective for using the vehicle including
    • How this vehicle was purchased (cash or finance)

* see links in downloads section below.



  • Photo of company or foundation premises
  • Photo of the car Left, Right, Front, Back, and inside the vehicle to see the seats.  (Duplicate photo to 5 X 7 inches)
  • Photo of the parking area, area must not use parking area to do other activities.  (Duplicate photo to 5 X 7 inches)
  • Photo of the entrance and exit, must be easy to access  (Duplicate photo to 5 X 7 inches)
  • Photo of activity using the Van
  • Photo of where the owner lives



  • Map showing the way leading to the parking area.
  • Map showing the location of the parking area and surrounding area.


Personal Documents

  • Letter from employer stating work starting date, position, and salary
  • Bank Statement (6 mo. signed/stamped statement issued by bank)
  • Tax payment records
  • Driver license (front and back)
  • ID card or (if foreigner) passport (picture page, current visa page, departure card, TM-30)


Company/ Foundation Documents

  • Company or Foundation registration papers  (every page signed in blue ink and stamped)
  • Copy of land title of the parking area OR If renting the land must show the land rental agreement no less than 3 years with land owner’s ID card.


Vehicle Documents

  • Vehicle title book original
  • Vehicle title book copy (current owner page, vehicle details page)


*Note: The buyer must go to the DLT in person


See this post for standard checklist for buying and selling a vehicle here.