Loan Application Paperwork & The Requirements Here is the list of paperwork requirements when you are applying for vehicle financing in Thailand. For more information on the general requirements and the financing process, visit our car financing page for more details. Depending on your nationality and situation use the following as a guide   Non-Thai...
What paperwork is required to buy or sell a vehicle? Note: Every page of the copies need to be signed (in blue ink)! The buyer and seller must provide the following documents: The vehicle * Note: We must take the vehicle to the Transport Office (DLT – Department of Land Transport). You should plan on...
How to get a Thai driver's license If you have a foreign license already, it is quite easy to obtain a Thai license. This is what you will need: Work Permit (with home address) OR Certificate of residence from Thai Immigration (you can see the requirements for that [here]. The government cost is 1000 THB....

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