2018 (Mfd ’17) Nissan Navara 2.5 NP300 Calibre Sportech, 4dr, 2WD, A/T

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2018 (Mfd ’17) Nissan Navara 2.5 NP300 Calibre Sportech, 4dr, 2WD, A/T

  CaRPM Computer Diagnostic Report

This one owner car is in mint condition with lower than average mileage for the year which is also reflected by the remaining tire tread. Save yourself over 250,000 THB instead of buying new. The new price for this car was 977,500 THB. 

We just serviced this car at the dealership and a full history is also available. During this servicing the motor oil, transmission fluid and differential oil were all changed according to the recommended service interval from the dealer. There are many dealerships available throughout Thailand allowing for easy servicing after purchase. If you prefer to have us do the servicing we are more than happy to serve any of your automotive needs.

This car has plenty of power if you like to drive up the mountains or always have lots of cargo to transport. No need to worry about damaging the bed of your truck as it’s pre-installed with a plastic liner. It’s also great for longer trips with its 2.5 liter engine and cruise control.

For inside entertainment you will find a 7” display with Bluetooth, and USB mobile connectivity. Reverse camera factory installed with this car will help you pull into tight spaces as you see it displayed on your stereo unit. Adjust the volume and answer calls right from your steering wheel.To enjoy the best comfort while driving you are able to adjust the steering wheel to your preferred height. Safety for passengers is provided through dual front air bags. Front disk brakes along with ABS this car provides maximum safety for emergency braking situations. For the wheels you have beautiful 18” alloys that go well with the car’s aesthetics and give the car some extra character.


Do you think this car checks off most of the points you are looking for? Don’t wait and book a test drive now!


Interior 360 view

Second Hand Nissan Navara for Sale Second Hand Cars in Chiang Mai |Expat Auto

Welcome to Expat Auto Chiang Mai We all know that many used car dealers around the world have given the car business a bad name. Some of this comes out of straight up dishonesty, but some of it also comes out of neglect on the part of the seller to fully check what they are selling. Cars have a lot of parts and it takes some expertise to know what you are looking at. We at Expat Auto feel that the reputation of the used car business is unfortunate yet avoidable. We are here to bring you peace of mind! Founded in 2009, we have the experience to guide you through the sale process. Unlike most car brokers that focus on flipping cars in volume, we are a small business that focuses on quality over quantity.

Second hand Cars Nissan Navara for Sale

Expat Auto Chiang Mai aim to make car buying easy
Pre-sale Inspection

Our extensive inspection and prep process ensures that you get a vehicle in excellent mechanical condition.


12 month warranty on parts and labor (1st month – full bumper to bumper, 12months internal engine and transmission)

All-inclusive Price

Our haggle-free pricing includes the ownership transfer paperwork service, transfer fees, registration, and all sales taxes. Collision insurance can also be arranged.

After-sale service

We are here to help you with maintenance and any other automotive needs after the sale. After the warranty period we can also service and perform maintenance on the car you bought from us. We seek to develop a long-term relationship to assist with all your automotive needs. We also offer consignment services when you are ready to sell the car again. Don’t forget to check out our products page for other accessories and add-ons. Expat Auto Chiang Mai. Second hand Cars Nissan Navara for Sale

ขายแล้ว รถเกรด เพลิตตินัม

2,500 ( CC )
27,xxx mi / 45,xxx KM



  • กระจกข้างไฟฟ้า
  • กระจกไฟฟ้า
  • กล้องมองหลัง
  • กุญแจรีโมท
  • ที่วางแก้วน้ำ
  • พวงมาลัยปรับได้
  • พวงมาลัยไฟฟ้า
  • ระบบนำทาง
  • เซ็นทรัลล็อก
  • เซ็นเซอร์จอดรถด้านหลัง
  • เบาะหนัง
  • แอร์


  • ล้ออัลลอย18″


  • ถุงลมนิรภัยคู่หน้า
  • ระบบเบรกป้องกันล้อล็อก(ABS)


  • ชุดเครื่องเสียง(DVD/LCD/Bluetooth/MP3/AUX/USB)

Benefits of buying through Expat Auto

  1. Thorough inspection and prep process by experienced technicians. Third-party computer diagnostic report also provided.
  2. 1 Year Warranty
    1. 1M. Full bumper to bumper warranty on parts and labor 
    2. 11 remaining months includes a Limited Internal Engine and Transmission warranty
    3. Additional warranty options up to 2 years also available for purchase provided through a major insurance company.
  3. 1 Year 24hr roadside assistance policy also included through a major insurance company that provides assistance in cases of a breakdown, locking your keys in your car, running out fuel, etc.
  4. After-Sales Service available during and after the warranty period. We are a 1-stop service for all your automotive needs. Some of the service we provide include: 
  • Oil change service
  • Repairs and servicing (A/C, suspension, brakes, tires, paint work, etc),
  • Accessories (window film, carpet protection, seat covers, stereos, reverse and accident cameras, etc), 
  • Detailing (wash and vacuum, carpet and seat shampooing, paint buffing and waxing, engine compartment, etc) 
  • Collision Insurance
  • Insurance claim liaison services
  • Yearly tax and insurance renewal services
  • Car Rentals


      5. Hassle-Free registration process. It is not necessary for you to come to the transport office.  We will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

      6. All-Inclusive Haggle-Free pricing. We work hard to ensure you get a fair market value without the stress and hassle of negotiations. Price listed is what you pay with no hidden fees.  In            addition to the Inspection, 1 year warranty, and 1 Year roadside assistance policy, the following are also included: sales tax (VAT 7%), ownership transfer fees, road tax (min 3 M                          remaining, usually more).

      7. When it comes time to sell our car, we also have several options to help you sell the car including buying it outright or consigning the car with us to sell for you.


Our certified cars come with a warranty that covers the cost of parts and labor as follows:

1 Year (12 Months) broken into two parts:

1 Month – Full Comprehensive Warranty (bumper-to-bumper)

Covers repair or replacement of any components which fail under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship:



Train (transmission)

Fuel System

Cooling System




Exhaust System



12 Months – Limited Powertrain Warranty Covers internally lubricated parts of major engine and drivetrain components:

Engine (engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, main and rod bearings, pistons and connecting rods, camshaft, valvetrain, timing gears and chain – timing belt excluded). Drivetrain (tranmission gears and internally lubricated parts, drive shafts, universal joints, cv-joints, differential gears, wheel bearings).

* We also offer a third party warranty (AsiaCare – via QBE) that essentially extends the initial 1 Month Full warranty to 12-24 months on vehicles up to 7 years old for an additional fee. See more details here – AsiaCare

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