2010(Mfd ’09) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.5 GLS A/T

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2010(Mfd ’09) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.5 GLS A/T

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Second Hand Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for Sale Second Hand Cars in Chiang Mai |Expat Auto

Welcome to Expat Auto Chiang Mai We all know that many used car dealers around the world have given the car business a bad name. Some of this comes out of straight up dishonesty, but some of it also comes out of neglect on the part of the seller to fully check what they are selling. Cars have a lot of parts and it takes some expertise to know what you are looking at. We at Expat Auto feel that the reputation of the used car business is unfortunate yet avoidable. We are here to bring you peace of mind! Founded in 2009, we have the experience to guide you through the sale process. Unlike most car brokers that focus on flipping cars in volume, we are a small business that focuses on quality over quantity.

Second hand Cars Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for Sale

Expat Auto Chiang Mai aim to make car buying easy
Pre-sale Inspection

Our extensive inspection and prep process ensures that you get a vehicle in excellent mechanical condition.


12 month warranty on parts and labor (1st month – full bumper to bumper, 12months internal engine and transmission)

All-inclusive Price

Our haggle-free pricing includes the ownership transfer paperwork service, transfer fees, registration, and all sales taxes. Collision insurance can also be arranged.

After-sale service

We are here to help you with maintenance and any other automotive needs after the sale. After the warranty period we can also service and perform maintenance on the car you bought from us. We seek to develop a long-term relationship to assist with all your automotive needs. We also offer consignment services when you are ready to sell the car again. Don’t forget to check out our products page for other accessories and add-ons. Expat Auto Chiang Mai. Second hand Cars Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for Sale


รถ SUV
2,500 ( CC )
107,xxx mi / 173,xxx KM



  • กระจกข้างไฟฟ้า
  • กระจกไฟฟ้า
  • ที่วางแก้วน้ำ
  • พวงมาลัยปรับได้
  • พวงมาลัยไฟฟ้า
  • ล็อคระยะไกล
  • เซ็นทรัลล็อก
  • เบาะผ้า
  • แอร์
  • แอร์หลัง


  • ล้ออัลลอย16″


  • ถุงลมนิรภัยคู่หน้า
  • ระบบเบรกป้องกันล้อล็อก(ABS)


  • ชุดเครื่องเสียง(CD/MP3/AUX/USB)
No Details Added

These are cars that have not been certified by Expat Auto. We have done a basic check on them and can provide a list of any recommended repairs. In some cases, there are very few repairs to be done, but the car is listed here because it does not qualify for our certified section due to age or mileage.

Some are being sold on an “as-is” basis without a warranty, and some have a limited engine and transmission warranty.  See each car’s warranty tab for details.

The price includes all the transfer fees and taxes.  We can also help to arrange a collision insurance policy and or any extra repairs or servicing you may want to do from our provided list.

The following is a rough guide for the condition rating, but please contact us to find out more details.

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