Title Services

We can help you manage all the paperwork.

At Expat Auto, we have a full range of title services to assist with all your Department of Land Transport (DLT) needs such as:

  • Ownership transfers
  • Yearly registration/ road tax renewals including smog and safety inspections and/or special yearly inspections for cars registered with alternate fuel systems such as LPG.
  • Change in address both in province, and changing registered province entirely (new plates).
  • Change in vehicle specifications such as engine, paint color, LPG/CNG additions, adding or removing a pickup bed canopy, etc.
  • Vehicle Passports for bordering country travel.


Not a DLT service, but needed for many DLT processes:

  • Certificate of residence from immigration (needed for buying and selling a car if no work permit with your house address in it).


For details on the paperwork required for all of these services, please see the FAQs below.

Title Services FAQs

Tax is calculated by car cylinder capacity–or cc:


First 600 cc: 0.5 baht per CC

601-1800 cc: 1.5 baht per CC

1801+: 4 baht per CC


If the car is more than 5 years old you can calculate a tax deduction:

Year 6: 10%

Year 7: 20%

Year 8: 30%

Year 9: 40%

Year 10+: 50%


Here’s how to calculate. For example, an 11 year old 2,000 CC is going to be (((600 x 0.5) + (1200 x 1.5) + (200 x 4). Then reduce 50% since it’s older than 10 years. The total would be (300+1800+800) – 50% = 1,450 baht.


In addition to the road tax you have to pay for

  1. mandatory government insurance called Por.Ro.Bo. (P.R.B) which, for most vehicles is approximately 645 THB (can varies from about 323-1300 THB depending on registration type.)
  2. If the car is 7 years or older, 200 THB for a smog and safety inspection.
  3. If the car has LPG, than an LPG inspection is also required every year. Cost is approximately 500 THB.
  4. If you’d like us to arrange the renewal for you then see here for our service rates.

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You need to get a vehicle passport, which will also come with special international license plates and a window sticker.


Paperwork - 

1) vehicle title book (original)

2) Passport/ ID copy (picture page, visa, tm-30)

3) valid residency certificate (original)


DLT Fee - approx. 290 THB

EA Service Fee

Vehicle - no its not required.

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For the tax renewal It’s best if you can bring the original titlebook. We can use a copy but the registration page in the back of the titlebook will not be updated (it will be in the DLT’s computer system and it can be updated later).

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This will need to be at the transport office or a Krung Thai bank.

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If the car is 7 years or older we will need the car for approximately 45 min to go get a smog and safety inspection done.

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No, you do not need a driver’s license to buy a car.  You do however need one to drive legally and claim on your insurance.

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This doesn’t happen very often and if there are any issues they are usually minor such as a light bulb being out, which can be quickly remedied. In other cases such as a brake problem, then you will have to get the brakes fixed and bring it back for an additional inspection and inspection fee.

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As far as we know there is no set law requiring you to have a Thai driver’s license to drive a car here.  Our customers have been able to drive on their home countries license and/or international license. Insurance companies to prefer a Thai driver’s license for claims, so to avoid any problems we do recommend to get a Thai license.

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