Title Services

We can help you manage all the paperwork.

At Expat Auto, we have a full range of title services to assist with all your Department of Land Transport (DLT) needs such as:

  • Ownership transfers
  • Yearly registration/ road tax renewals including smog and safety inspections and/or special yearly inspections for cars registered with alternate fuel systems such as LPG.
  • Change in address both in province, and changing registered province entirely (new plates).
  • Change in vehicle specifications such as engine, paint color, LPG/CNG additions, adding or removing a pickup bed canopy, etc.
  • Vehicle Passports for bordering country travel.


Not a DLT service, but needed for many DLT processes:

  • Certificate of residence from immigration (needed for buying and selling a car if no work permit with your house address in it).


For details on the paperwork required for all of these services, please see the FAQs below.

Title Services FAQs

Bring your blue title book, and if the car is 7 years or older, then bring the car as well!

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Basically just a passport and a valid residency certificate, which we can help arrange for you at our office if you have a TM-30 from immigration.

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No you don’t. We will have you sign a power of attorney so you don’t have to waste your day sitting around at the DLT!

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We will need the vehicle for the day.  The officers at the DLT will need to inspect the vehicle before ownership transfer can be completed.

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Please see the menu above for Expat Autos service fee as well as the DLT fees.  There may be additional paperwork fees if the car has been modified in some ways such as pickups lift kit, etc.

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You will need:

  • copy of your passport (picture page, current visa page, departure card, tm-30)
  • Visa valid for minimum 30 days
  • Two 2” pictures with a white background (no hats, glasses, or smiling :).  If you use our service we can take a picture for you.

* Note: You do not need these documents to acquire the alternative option of an affidavit of residency from the US consulate.

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If you go through the agent at the immigration office the cost is usually 1000 THB. Alternatively we can also get you one with our service for 500 THB + VAT (includes taking your picture), plus the agent fee of 1000 THB.


You should get your residency certificate within two business days. If you don’t use an agent it can take anywhere from 10-30 business days.

Note: The original document is required for the car ownership process, so you should request extra copies if you need them for other processes such as obtaining a Thai driver’s license, opening a Thai bank account, etc.  However, if you will be doing your driver’s license right after you have the car, we can request a certified copy from the DLT when we do the car ownership transfer so you can avoid the extra fee of an additional residency certificate.

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 You don’t have to right away, but if you don’t you won’t get any traffic tickets in the mail.  You cannot extend your yearly road tax/registration with outstanding tickets. However, you can pay for these tickets at the same time as your registration without any penalty fees.


Paperwork - 1) vehicle title book (original), 

2) Passport/ ID copy (picture page, visa, tm-30)

3) valid residency certificate (original) 


* In the case you want to correct the spelling of your name or changing your last name, then additional documents such as an old passport, marriage certificate, or other name change documents will be required.


DLT Fee - approx. 75 THB

EA Service Fee - check here for rates

Vehicle - not required

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