Options for Selling Your Car

There are a couple options when considering selling your car depending on your time-frame.

Option 1: Sell to Expat Auto


  • Avoid the Hassle
    Forget about wasting time advertising your car, not to mention the tire-kickers and window-shoppers.   Bring your car to Expat Auto and we’ll give you a fair price for your car. We’ll even take care of paying off your loan, so you can wipe your hands clean of your vehicle.
  • Fast payment
    After we inspect your car at the dealership, we’ll issue an offer for your car. Appraisals are free of charge, and if you decide to take our offer, we’ll get you the cash while you wait.
  • No strings attached
    Some dealers give lowball offers if you aren’t willing to trade your car in towards a new vehicle. We’re proud to be different from the other guys, in that regardless of your intentions to upgrade your car, your car is always worth the same.


You can get started by either

  1. filling out the form below so we can make an initial assessment (Please keep in mind that the final offer will be dependent on inspection at our office)  or
  2. Come into our office to get an appraisal.

* If we don’t want to buy it, or don’t have the buying power at the time, you could also leave it with us on a very short term basis and we can reach out to our dealer network to try and get you the best wholesale price we can find for you.


1Car Information
2Vehicle Condition
3Vehicle Owner


Add your vehicle details
if no emblems on car, may have to look inside the front page of the manufacture warranty book.
You can find this date on the right hand side of the vehicle details page of the title book (bluebook).
You can find this date on the top left section of the vehicle details page of the title book (bluebook).
(required info for Pickups and SUVs)