Car Valuation Service

Get an accurate valuation for your vehicle.

Selling your personal car to a friend or colleague and need a second opinion on the market value? Or maybe you are selling a company or organization's vehicle to a co-worker, etc and need a third-party assessment letter. 

Bring your car in and we can do a quick visual look and some market research and type up a simple retail market valuation letter for you.

If you actually need assistance selling your vehicle be sure to check out different selling services we have available from ownership transfer service all the way to mechanical inspections, prep work, and/or selling the car on your behalf.

Car Valuation Service FAQs

The car valuation service is for assessing the retail market value range of your car. You might find this information helpful if you are selling the car to a friend or colleague.


A vehicle appraisal is similar in the sense that it is an assessment of the car value, but usually an appraisal refers to a trade-in or whole-sale purchase offer. If you’re interested in selling your car right away we can give you an appraisal for free.

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First we review your car’s specific year, make, model, generation, sub-model, mileage, and general condition. Then we compare those details with other similar cars on the market to determine a fair price range.

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As this service doesn’t entail a detailed mechanical inspection it should only take about 30 min to take a quick look at your car’s general condition, do the market research, and type up a valuation letter.

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500 THB + VAT 7%.


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