Paperwork Services

DMV Paperwork Services

We can arrange various paperwork services on your behalf:

  • ownership transfers and other title book updates such as changes in province, engine, paint color, LPG/CNG additions, etc.
  • yearly registration/ road tax renewals
  • Application for certificate of residence (needed for buying and selling a car if no work permit).

Documents required for certificate of residence application from Thai Immigration (Note: you do not need these documents to acquire the alternative affidavit of residency from the US consulate):

  1. Application for Certificate of Residence
  2. Rental Contract 
  3. 2 photos (2”x2”) 
  4. Passport: copies of the photograph page, current visa page/stamp, tm-30, and departure card. We can also use a digital scan of these pages.

Note: We also have a service to acquire this document for you.  If you use our service item 1-3 are not required.  Contact us for details.

Note: The original document is required for the ownership process, so you should request extra copies if you need them for other process such as obtaining a Thai driver’s license, opening a Thai bank account, etc.

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