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Mechanical & Functional Repairs

We’ve got you covered from minor to more serious mechanical or other functional issues.


  • Suspension (Shock absorbers, ball-joints, etc)
  • Steering components (tie-rod ends, etc)
  • Brakes (rotors, pads, ABS, EBS, etc)
  • Cooling system (radiators, coolant, etc)
  • Air and vacuum systems
  • Drive train (cv-joints, universal joints, wheel bearings, etc)
  • Wheels and Tires (we can source multiple tire brands. Alignments, wheel balancing)
  • A/C system (cleaning/servicing, repairs)
  • Electrical problems (all systems - Ignition, Charging, Trouble Codes, Gauges, Battery, Lights, etc)
  • Exhaust (pipes, mufflers, oxygen sensors, etc)
  • Fuel systems  (including LPG servicing and repairs)
  • Other engine compartment items (motor mounts
  • Engine Internals (timing belt, valves, head gasket, complete engine overhauls, etc)
  • Transmission



  • Windows & Mirrors (electric and manual)
  • Doors (seals, hinges, handles, etc)
  • Hood and Rear door struts
  • Locks (keys, fobs, door locks, central locks, anti-theft systems, etc)
  • Safety (Horn, Airbags, Seatbelts, etc)
  • Seat operation (electric and manual adjustment type)
  • Interior components (cup holders, storage compartment hinges, etc)
  • Interior lights (headliner, door panels, other convenience)
  • Accessory problems (proximity sensors, front/ rear cameras, entertainment system, etc). * Also see details about new accessories here

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See details about basic servicing and maintenance here. 

See details about paint/body & other interior/exterior cosmetics repairs here. 


Pickup/ delivery services are also available. See rates here

Alternatively, see details about renting a car during a service here.

Mechanical & Functional Repairs FAQs

Obvious signs would be that it is not blowing very strong or the air has an unpleasant odor. If it’s not cooling efficiently this can be from a dirty evaporator unit or could be any number of other items as well. Similar to how a/c wall units in your house need to be cleaned on a regular basis, car a/c units are no different. Thailand air quality can be quite dusty so if driving under normal conditions, a yearly cleaning would be a good idea.

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This depends on the type of coolant among other factors.  We can monitor your coolant condition and boiling point rating during regular service intervals.

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Yes, we can install the central lock motors and mechanisms required.  If you would also like a key fob set that can also be arranged.

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Firstly, look at your car’s heat gauge to see if the temperature is higher than normal. It can be part of your car's normal warning system to cut the a/c so you become aware of your car’s overheating issue. If the heat is higher than normal, pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance on further diagnosis. The last thing you want to do is to drive your car with a cooling issue and potentially cause internal engine damage.

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You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless it's an emergency for a temporary fix.  If you have to put water in, distilled water like you would put in a car battery is best as it doesn’t have the amount of minerals and chemicals as other water. If the car has coolant in it, then adding additional water will dilute the coolant and its efficacy to increase the boiling point of the water as well as its anti-corrosion and lubricating properties.

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This depends on how loose we are talking about. If it’s very loose, then it can cause dangerous steering play and/or alignment issues.

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We recommend to put in the manufacturer’s recommended type of coolant that is the best for your engine and radiator metal types. There are several types of coolant which you can find in both concentrated (needs to be mixed with the proper ratio of water) and pre-mixed form. The most common type of coolant is made of Ethylene Glycol, but there are also other types such as Organic or Carboxylate Technology.

Don’t get confused with the colors of coolant either; just because the coolant is the same color does not mean it is the same type. It is important not to mix different types of coolant. If you are topping off coolant, be sure to make sure you are putting in the same kind, otherwise a full flush and refill is the way to go. In order to eliminate water quality issues and ratio mixture mistakes, we only used pre-mixed coolant.

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