Mechanical & Functional Repairs

We’ve got you covered from minor to more serious mechanical or other functional issues.


  • Suspension (Shock absorbers, ball-joints, etc)
  • Steering components (tie-rod ends, etc)
  • Brakes (rotors, pads, ABS, EBS, etc)
  • Cooling system (radiators, coolant, etc)
  • Air and vacuum systems
  • Drive train (cv-joints, universal joints, wheel bearings, etc)
  • Wheels and Tires (we can source multiple tire brands. Alignments, wheel balancing)
  • A/C system (cleaning/servicing, repairs)
  • Electrical problems (all systems - Ignition, Charging, Trouble Codes, Gauges, Battery, Lights, etc)
  • Exhaust (pipes, mufflers, oxygen sensors, etc)
  • Fuel systems  (including LPG servicing and repairs)
  • Other engine compartment items (motor mounts
  • Engine Internals (timing belt, valves, head gasket, complete engine overhauls, etc)
  • Transmission



  • Windows & Mirrors (electric and manual)
  • Doors (seals, hinges, handles, etc)
  • Hood and Rear door struts
  • Locks (keys, fobs, door locks, central locks, anti-theft systems, etc)
  • Safety (Horn, Airbags, Seatbelts, etc)
  • Seat operation (electric and manual adjustment type)
  • Interior components (cup holders, storage compartment hinges, etc)
  • Interior lights (headliner, door panels, other convenience)
  • Accessory problems (proximity sensors, front/ rear cameras, entertainment system, etc). * Also see details about new accessories here

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See details about basic servicing and maintenance here. 

See details about paint/body & other interior/exterior cosmetics repairs here. 


Pickup/ delivery services are also available. See rates here

Alternatively, see details about renting a car during a service here.

Mechanical & Functional Repairs FAQs

Contact us for details.

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This depends on your driving habits as well as the type of brake pads.

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If it’s just plain water most likely it's just your a/c system condensation drainage.  If it's an especially humid day there can be a lot.

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No, not usually. It is usually just a matter of having the brake components cleaned or resurfaced.

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All the engine’s systems are supposed to be closed and not leak, so unless it's just condensation from your a/c working, then it's best to check how severe the leak is, and check your fluids levels before driving the car to get checked.

Motor oil, depending on if it is a petrol or diesel engine can be from a clear brownish color to an almost black color. Power steering and transmission fluid are oily and usually a reddish color. Coolant is more watery and can be a variety of colors from green, pink, blue, green, red, orange.

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See an overview of general questions for Maintenance and Repair here.

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For standard automatic transmission fluid change, you would drain the fluid from the drain plug and add new fluid. This method will only replace about half the fluid in the system as the remaining fluid is still sitting in other components of the transmission.

An automatic transmission fluid flush would entail either using a machine to extract all the old fluid while replacing with new fluid (this will use about double the amount of fluids as a standard drain and replace). Alternatively without the use of a machine you can drain and replace the fluid, run the transmission, then drain and replace a second time. This method is not quite as effective at removing all the old fluid as a flush machine.

In the case that the transmission fluid is extremely dirty or you are having some other transmission issues it may be a good idea to remove the transmission pan and replace the internal filter (if any), as well as clean the magnets that attract tiny metal particles.

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 Yes, we can either install the front door set and also the rear doors.  The standard hand crank will be replaced with a small protruding switch panel.

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