Basic Servicing & Maintenance

We got your basic serving and maintenance needs covered.

Oil Changes

Multiple motor oil brands and qualities are available, as well as internal engine cleaning additives before changing the oil and reconditioning additives to put in with the new oil.

This service also includes an inspection of the following:

    • Fluid levels + quality
    • Air filter
    • A/C cabin filter
    • Tire pressure
    • Windshield wipers + sprayers
    • Front engine belts
    • Visual inspection of front brakes (without removal of wheels). If you want a wheels-off all brake inspection this service is also available.
    • Exterior lights
    • Battery
    • Road tax
    • Bonus: Free exterior wash (Interior detailing services also available)

Tune-ups (add-on with oil change)

  • cleaning and gapping spark plugs
  • cylinder compression test
  • clean throttle-body
  • clean airflow sensor
  • clean/replace air filter
  • fuel system cleaner
  • internal engine cleaner
  • bonus- computer diagnostic report

Other Fluids, Filters, Belts


Air, A/C cabin filter, fuel, transmission.



Oil, transmission, gear, differentials, transfer case - 4WD, brake, clutch, power-steering, coolant, windshield.


Wiper blades

+ sprayers (front/rear)


Engine Accessory Belts

A/C, alternator, etc.

Cooling System

Cooling system inspection

Leak down test, radiator, radiator cap, hoses, clamps, water pump, reservoir, coolant.


Cooling System Flush Service

Hose inspection, flush radiator, clean reservoir, refill system with pre-mixed coolant, bleed air out of the system.

Air Conditioning

A/C Inspection

Temperature, air flow, odors, selection knobs/switch functions, check cabin filter, bonus: window film inspection.


A/C servicing

Inspection, cabin filter, cleaning interior evaporator units front/rear, vacuum + recharge freon front/rear units, compressor lubricant.


Brake system inspection

Responsiveness, sounds, fluids, line, hoses, rotors, pads.


Brake service

Inspection, fluid flush and replacement.

Tires & Wheels

Rotation, balancing, alignments.