Car Storage in Chiang Mai

Affordable and secure longterm vehicle storage

We work with our partners to be able to bring you safe and reliable car storage services.  Details of the service are as follows:

  • Storage is in a pest controlled warehouse.
  • For extra protection, cars are provided with a cover.  For motorbikes blankets and shrink wrap are used.
  • If required, we can arrange for engine start-up and moving the vehicle forward and back slightly to keep weight on different parts of the tires.
  • Taxi service back to town or to the airport. We can also arrange delivery of the vehicle to the airport after the storage term.


See the Car Storage FAQs below for details.

Car Storage FAQs

Currently Expat Auto does not have the facilities to be able to provide this service onsite, but we have partnered with a company that does.  We will put you in direct contact with the storage facility.

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Last we checked our partner’s fee is as follows:

  • Cars - 1,000 THB/ month
  • Motorbikes - 500 THB/ month

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