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Collision Insurance

We can issue collision insurance from many companies at competitive rates (rates are set by the insurance company, not us).  This type of insurance is not required by law, but we highly recommend it as the required gov. insurance (p.r.b) only covers some basic medical expenses.  Insurance usually goes with the vehicle, not the driver, unless specifically requested. Other factors such as property damage coverage on both parties, medical coverage on both parties, deductible, other coverage from fire, theft, flood, etc, will all effect the rate. Policies are paid for the year in advance. Here in Thailand, insurance companies do not provide a rental car for the repair period. Usually the damage will be repaired; it is rare that a company will pay out any cash for a claim.  There are a couple basic levels of insurance:

  • 1st class – no witness required to claim on damage (ie. you can claim on self inflicted damage to the vehicle). Rates can vary from about 15-30,000 THB/ year. Some companies also offer road-side assistance. No claim discounts are often also given on renewals. This type of insurance is usually only available on vehicles 10 years or newer unless renewing the same policy. The insurance company will need to take pictures of the vehicle (if there are too many blemishes they will not be able to issue a policy until the damage is taken care of).
  • Level 2+ (usually comes with fire/ theft insurance), Level 3+ (no fire/theft) . You can usually get the same monetary value of coverage as first class, but you do need to actually get into an accident with another party and have a witness present in order to claim. No pictures of the car are required to issue this level of insurance, and there are no discounts related to no claims. Rates will vary from about 6-15k THB
  • Level 3. This insurance type is also know as liability. No property damage on your vehicle, only other party and medical. Rates vary from about 2-3,000 THB/year.

Contact us for a quote! We will need a copy of the vehicle title book to do this.  The car will need to be in your name and a copy of your passport will be required to issue the policy.

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