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Car Detailing

Keep your car looking great during ownership or when preparing for a sale.

We have a full range of detailing options to help keep your car looking great. Cars get dirty quickly here in Thailand, especially during the rainy season or if you have kids :).  You might also find these services helpful if trying to sell your car; first impressions are important!



  • Wash
  • Wheel and tire detailing and dressing
  • Paint buffing and waxing
  • Window water spot removal
  • Headlight lenses polishing + UV seal (yellowed lenses from age)
  • Engine compartment degreasing
  • Tar removal



  • Vacuum
  • Shampooing (seats, carpets, door panels, ceiling)
  • Other interior components (dash, door panels, center console, etc)
  • Window film removal


Detailing services are offered a la carte as well as in detailing packages.

Please contact us to set up an appointment.

Detailing FAQs

This depends on the services you choose.  Anywhere from 30min to several days.

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Our prices include labor and all cleaning supplies so you won’t be charged extra for opening bottles of special cleaning chemicals.

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Because we’re the best.  Our detailing team members really put their heart into the details (pun intended :).

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Yes, we can do either!

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If all you do is polish the headlights then you can expect they will turn yellow again in a couple months.  After we spend multiple hours sanding from course to ultra fine, removing the yellowed layer and scratches, we then coat the lenses with a special UV resistant sealant and let them dry. With adding this last step it should ensure your lenses will stay clearer longer, though we can’t give any definitive time as this is also dependent on sun exposure times.

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Currently we do not offer this service.

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First impressions are very important as it can also indicate how well a car was cared for. You may not necessarily be able to get a whole lot more for your car, but you will be able to gain more interest and hopefully be able to sell your car easier if it looks like it is well cared for.  If you’re considering consigning your car with us we require all detailing to be done.


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Everything you need to know about buying, selling and caring for your car while living in Thailand.

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