If you are not finding what you are looking for on our site, we can still help you find a car!

The way that we can facilitate this is through our car finding service where we actively look for your ideal vehicle.  

This isn't just any other brokering service. A brokering service would simply be connecting a seller and buyer for a transaction. Our car finding service is a brokering service on a basic level but with many other extra services as well as a risk management package for expenses.


The extra services beyond a basic brokerage service include:

  • We only recommend vehicles that we have personally looked at and screened beforehand.
  • In a normal brokering situation once you buy a car from a seller there is no warranty and you would have to take the risk of having to pay for any potential problems that are found after the sale.  With our service, we take on the full risk and responsibility of potential mechanical problems that might be found after doing our multi-point inspection after you purchase the car from the seller, as well as giving you a warranty with coverage depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle.
  • In addition to taking on these extra risks and potential costs, we also take out all the hidden fees and unknown of what the registration and transfer costs will be by including this cost in our service fee.


Other Highlights:

  1. Our knowledge of the market - to ensure you are getting a good car model as well as a fair price for the particular model/sub-model.
  2. Our mechanical expertise - which is carried over to the pre/post purchase inspections, and car prep.
  3. Our written warranty - as per the coverage details below.
  4. Peace of mind through this risk management service - enough said.


What’s included in the car price:

  • All ownership transfer fees.
  • Minimum 3 mo. remaining on road tax and compulsory gov insurance (we can only renew for another year if it has less than 3 mo. remaining).
  • After the sale, a full detailed inspection at our facility
  • All necessary mechanical/functional item repairs performed by us (included in the price) to make sure the car you drive away in is in excellent mechanical condition.
  • Interior and exterior detailing as necessary.
  • Our written warranty:
    • Cars 6 years or newer, and less than 120k km will have a 1 mo. Full Warranty, and a 12 mo. Limited Powertrain Warranty (Internal Engine and Transmission).
    • Cars older than 6 years to max 10 years, and/or more than 120k km to max 185k km. will receive a 6 mo.. Limited Powertrain Warranty (Internal Engine and Transmission).

* Feel free to ask us for a copy of the warranty terms and conditions.  We will also provide you with this when we sign the car finding agreement


Service Fee

25,000 THB + VAT 7%

Only a 5,000 THB portion of this is invoiced initially as a deposit to begin the active search.  Once you agree to buy a specific car that we find, then the remaining 20,000 will be required for us to complete our full inspection, and activate the warranty coverage.  

* We will return the car finding service deposit if we are not able to source a vehicle for you within two weeks or you can choose to adjust your criteria and/or extend the search time frame, or cancel the service.

The car price that is quoted on a case by case basis is a separate price (ie. the car finding service fee does not go towards the price of the vehicle).

* There is no commitment required until we review the request and mutually agree to formalize the service and pay the initial deposit!


If you are not interested in the active car finding service you can still submit the request form just to let us know what you are in the market for. If anything comes into our inventory that matches your criteria we’ll try and let you know, but as a failsafe don’t forget to subscribe to new car uploads on our site here.

*Note: We will not be actively searching for you so we would really like to encourage you to use the active search to fulfill your requirements.



Submit a request via the form below now!

Car Finding Service FAQs

For clarity and transparency, at the time of a car viewing we will go through any details of what is not included and approximately how much extra it would be for any items you might want to do, as well as making a vehicle specific amendment agreement to the initial car finding agreement to summarize if you decide to move forward with a specific vehicle.

  • - Tires
  • - Extra keys or key fobs
  • - Cosmetics (ie. paint blemishes, interior blemishes, etc.)
  • - Existing accessories problems (ie. proximity sensors, stereos/speakers, window film scratches, etc).
  • - Extra desired accessories. See details here.
  • - Collision Insurance policy (ie. 1st class, etc). See detail here.
  • - Add-on comprehensive warranty/ mechanical insurance. See details and options here.
  • - Your residency certificate from Thai immigration (required for ownership transfer) - See this service details here.

* We can provide you with a quote for any of these items per your request.


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Like the cars on our lot the price is haggle-free.  We have already done price negotiations with the seller and made sure that any vehicles we recommend are within fair market value.

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Yes.  The warranty structure is the same as our car classification system we use for cars on our lot which varies based on the vehicle's age and mileage.

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Yes, we do have a third-party warranty/mechanical insurance we can sell to give you more comprehensive coverage. See more details here.

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  • Case 1: The service can be canceled at any time during the agreement period with a forfeiting of your initial 5,000 THB payment to begin the service. 
  • Case 2: if after the initial two week agreement period we have not been able to find a vehicle that meets your requirements we can either revise the requirements and extend the agreement for another two weeks, or you can cancel the service and we will return your initial 5,000 THB payment.

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We primarily look from local private sellers and dealers so that when we find a vehicle we can arrange a local viewing.  In some cases, if it is a make and model that we would buy for our own inventory anyways, and if the availability and timing works out,  we have been able to source some cars through our nationwide online auction network.

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Because most sellers are not willing to let us complete our full multi-point inspection before a sale, we rely on our expertise to do 

  • A visual evaluation of signs of wear and tear, accidents, etc.
  • A test drive to test for unusual sounds, power, etc.
  • Titlebook history to check for changes in registration related to engine, fuel type, ie. LPG, etc.

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We will give you the details of a potential vehicle for viewing beforehand and if agreed we will arrange the viewing.  If after viewing you are not satisfied with the vehicle for just reasons we will keep looking for another vehicle.

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Everything you need to know about buying, selling and caring for your car while living in Thailand.

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