Roadside Assistance

No matter where you are in Thailand, count on help when you're broken down.

The service provides wide coverage giving 24 hours 365 days service throughout 76 provinces of Thailand.

The Emergency Roadside Service provides service to mobilize your broken down vehicle, transport your vehicle to a safe location, or transport to a service garage of your choice. 

With a well trained and experienced team of service mechanics and towing units that spread out in every corner of Thailand, they can ensure a prompt response no matter how far the member vehicles may be located.

With a Call Center that operates 24 hours a day members will never be without assistance.


Service Benefits Details:

  • An unlimited number of Emergency Roadside Services per annum.
  • An unlimited number of towing services per annum.
  • Free towing up to a distance of 20 km to any destination applies for each service. A charge of THB 25 per/km is applicable for distances beyond this and charges from any additional kilometers are the member’s responsibility.
  • Free of charge, up to 10 litres of fuel to enable the customer to reach the nearest service station. Customers can only use this service once per year, on subsequent occasions within the same year, service will be provided free of charge, but the cost of fuel will be charged to member.
  • 24 hour access to free technical advice in the event of an accident or breakdown.
  • “Mistakenly Locked” vehicles: If a spare key is located within a 20km radius, Customer Service can arrange for collection and delivery of the spare key to the breakdown location. For distance beyond 20 km a charge of THB 25 per km will apply. Alternatively, Customer Service can also arrange for a locksmith to attend the breakdown, however the cost of locksmith’s services is not covered under the assistance program and the member shall be responsible for any costs incurred.
  • In the event that the Customer’s Vehicle is towed away from the breakdown, AWP shall offer and arrange for the delivery of a rental vehicle to the Customer upon the Customer’s request. The Customer shall be responsible for the cost of rental and in satisfying any requirements from the car rental company.


Concierge Services:

  • 24 hr medical advice helpline (Location nearest Hospital)
  • Flight reservations and re-scheduling
  • Hotel booking
  • Limousine service reservations
  • Car rental reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Golf Tee-Off Booking service

*Note: *This service is restricted to the provision of information concerning the location of nearby recommended health facilities/hospitals and assisting the Customer to arrange transportation to a health facility/hospital, if requested by the Customer. In such cases, the cost of transportation shall be borne by the Customer.

**Any problems resulting from an accident and natural disaster is not covered under this program**



Also worthy of mentioning:

* A 1 Year policy is included with our Platinum Certified and Gold class cars but can be purchased on any car.  We can also help to renew it when the time comes.

** If you purchase collision insurance through us from Allianz company, they will include these roadside assistance benefits with the collision insurance policy.

*** We also have in-house repair and maintenance logistic services such as service calls and towing if you don’t have this policy.


Contact our insurance department to get a policy now!

Roadside Assistance FAQs

This service is provided by a third party that has a large network all over Thailand.

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The main language is Thai however our customers say their English is acceptable.  If you need assistance we are glad to help during our business hours.

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The cost is approximately 2200 THB/ year.

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