Mechanical Insurance / Add-on warranty

Get covered past the manufacturer warranty.


If you are buying your car from Expat Auto, Asia Care as a warranty add-on option goes beyond the standard Expat Auto limited local warranty. 

If you didn’t buy your car from us you can still purchase Asia Care as mechanical insurance.  An AsiaCare Warranty can be bought at any time of the vehicle’s lifespan up to 10 years old or 200,000km

Vehicles lose their protection when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If a problem occurs, it can result in high repair costs and the risk of problems increases over time as the vehicle gets older.

Asia Care warranty (mechanical insurance) provides an extra level of peace of mind so you can drive with the comfort of knowing you are covered in an unpleasant situation, like an unexpected problem with your vehicle, for the cost of repair/replacement of a covered component anywhere in the country.

Put mechanical or electrical failure protection in the hands of the experts with a nationwide network of manufacturer's dealerships – all of which will repair and replace any covered parts with their expertise and guarantees.


What the Asia Care “Gold” Warranty covers:

Whats Covered Eng

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle (front and rear)
  • Electrical
  • Engine cooling system
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Fuel injection and emissions management systems
  • Suspension (front and rear)
  • Steering
  • High-tech
  • Brakes
  • Turbo Charger (factory installed)


* There is a Silver and Bronze package as well, but considering value for money we recommend to go with the Gold package. Gold Package details (PDF)



  • Provides you with security, confidence and peace of mind
  • Provides protection from unexpected and expensive repair bills!
  • Gives you protection from inflation of rising costs of parts & labor
  • An unlimited number of claims (up to the value of the vehicle)
  • All repairs and new part replacement carried out by qualified technicians at manufacturers main Dealers
  • Cover available for vehicles up to 10 years old and with up to 200,000km on the clock
  • Cover available for different types of vehicles: sedan, Eco car, pick up, SUV and vans
  • No requirement for a vehicle check before the warranty policy is issued
  • You pay nothing upfront for claims. We handle the whole process
  • The AsiaCare Warranty can be transferred with the sale of your vehicle - adding value!
  • 24-hour hotline ready to handle any breakdown recovery or emergency call out
  • Thailand’s first Government approved vehicle warranty with over 10 years of experience
  • Simple application process with help from our experienced customer service team


As a bonus, 24 hr. Roadside assistance service is also included with Asia Care warranty! See details here.


If you only want a Roadside Assistance policy without AsiaCare, see here.

Mechanical Insurance FAQs