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All your questions answered about various insurance levels for driving in Thailand.

We can issue collision insurance from many companies at competitive rates (rates are set by the insurance company, not us).  This type of insurance is not required by law, but we highly recommend it as the required gov. insurance (p.r.b) only covers some basic medical expenses.  


Factors affecting insurance rates:

  • Vehicle details - make, model, year, market value
  • Coverage details - 
    • Property damage coverage amounts for both parties 
    • Medical coverage amounts for both parties
    • Other coverage amounts for fire, theft, flood, etc
  • Claim scenario exclusions
  • Deductible/ Excess
  • Mileage limitations (rare)
  • Designated driver (even more rare)


Insurance Levels/Types

1st Class

(Fully Comprehensive)

Level 2+ Level 3


Coverage Covers property damage and medical for both parties, fire/theft coverage on your car. Covers incidents of damage to your vehicle not involving another party (ie. hitting a curb, backing into a post, etc.). Generally the same monetary value of coverage as first class, but you do need to actually get into an accident with another party and have a witness present in order to claim. Covers property damage and medical for both parties, and fire/theft coverage on your car. (If you don’t want/need fire and theft coverage you can go for Level 3+ which may be about 1000 THB cheaper)

* Does not cover incidents of damage to your vehicle not involving another party (ie. hitting a curb, backing into a post, etc.).

Only for the other party’s property damage and medical (no property damage on your vehicle).
Claims No witness required to claim on damage (ie. hit and runs, self inflicted damage to the vehicle not involving another party). A witness is required to claim on damage  A witness is required to claim on damage 
Vehicle Ages Only available on vehicles 10 years or newer unless renewing the same policy.  Any Any
Repair Center Type
Garage - claims are done through a repair garage within the insurance company's network (non dealer).
Dealer - claims are done through the vehicle brand's dealership directly.
Garage Garage
- Garage: Most policies we issue are around 13-18,000 THB/ year.
- Dealer: 18-28,000 THB/ year.
Most policies we issue are around 6-10,000 THB/ year Most policies we issue are around 2-3,000 THB/ year
No-Claim Discounts Are often also given on renewals.  No No
Vehicle Pictures The insurance company will need to take pictures of the vehicle (if there are too many blemishes they will not be able to issue a policy until the damage is taken care of). Not required. Not required.
Roadside Assistance Only some companies (Allianz) also offer road-side assistance included with the policy. Only some companies (Allianz) also offer road-side assistance included with the policy. Only some companies (Allianz) also offer road-side assistance included with the policy.

Collision Insurance FAQs

Most policies are set to be an unnamed driver which means that anyone can drive your car and be covered.  In some rare cases you could get a named policy, but we don’t recommend it.

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The quotes we give do not have a deductible as our network has stopped providing this option.  Previously when this was an option the price difference between having a deductible was also not worth it in our opinion.


There are, however, a couple cases where you will have to pay an excess. The first case the excess will be about 1-2000 THB, and this is in the case you are making a claim with your first class insurance policy and the insurance company deems that the various damages came from more than one incident. The other is if you want to claim various scratches all around and repaint the whole car. In this case the excess will be approximately 5-10,000 THB.

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We are always here to help if you should need assistance of any kind with your insurance. Here are some details of how we can help:

  • Free services:
    • Phone assistance with any communication problems with the insurance company call center when making a claim.
    • If you have 1st class insurance and need to make a claim after an incident on your car, either caused by you, or no witnesses are available, and you bring your car to our office we can assist you to call the insurance company to send an agent out to assess the damage and give you a claim paper that you can take into one of their approved garages.
    • Changing your address. We don’t charge for this service, but the insurance companies usually charge approximately 150 THB, so we will need to collect this fee.  *Note: Your insurance policy must be at least 3 months old in order to change the address
  • Extra service fee:
    • Logistics with the repair garage when making a claim.  Once you have a claim paper, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of scheduling the repair with an approved garage, dropping it off for the appointment, and picking it up when the time comes you can use our Insurance Claim Liaison Service.

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Yes but only with a 1st class insurance policy.

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We can sell from approximately 30 different insurance companies.  When we give you a quote comparison we usually will show you 3-5 companies that we have had good experience with.  If you have a specific company you are interested in we can also get you a quote from them if they are in our network.

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The basic process is as follows:

  1. As it may affect the claim process, don’t move your car except for the following reasons:
  1. The police come and direct you to move it
  2. The cars are not badly damaged and it is entirely blocking the flow of traffic.
  1. Put your flashers on any other emergency road signs (if you have any) to prevent further accidents.
  2. Exchange contact details with the other party such as Insurance policies and phone numbers.
  3. Call your insurance company and they will send an agent as soon as possible and also call police or medical services if needed. Wait there for them.
  4. Once the agent comes, they will deal with the police (if any) and talk with the other party involved.  
  5. The agent will check the car and make note of all the damages for both parties.  Before you sign the claim paper make sure that it has all the damage listed that you want to have covered, otherwise it cannot be corrected later.
    1. If the car is driveable then you can drive the car and take the claim paper into one of the company’s approved garages to make an appointment for repair. Claim papers are good for up to 1 year. It's best to get it don’t before your policy expires though as you don’t want to have any existing damage if you should decide to change insurance companies (pictures are required for 1st class insurance). 
    1. If the car is not driveable then the insurance company will assist in getting a tow truck to take your vehicle to the closest approved repair garage to your house unless specified otherwise.
      1. If the incident happens at night you should get a taxi (grab) home and then contact the insurance garage the next day.
      2. If it’s during the day you could either go with the tow driver or take a taxi to the insurance garage to sort the repair appointment and time-frame out.


* If you should need help with the logistics of getting your car repaired you may want to consider our Insurance Garage Liaison Service. See details here.

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This changes from year to year so we can’t recommend any one company, but we offer comparisons from the companies we have had the best experience with in terms of value for money (price vs coverage details), ease of communication and making claims, and also the quality and expediency of repair garages work within the company’s network.

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This depends on the amount of work as well as how long it takes to order parts. Some models where parts have to be ordered from out of the country can take significantly longer. Shortest period is about 5 working days, the average is about 14 working days , the longest is about 4 months.

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