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Accident & Breakdown Coverage Overview

Peace of mind is at your fingertips

Get on the way to worry-free car ownership with extra coverage now!


If need be we can also help you rent a car for use during an unexpected repair

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Roadside Assistance FAQs

This service is provided by a third party that has a large network all over Thailand.

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The main language is Thai however our customers say their English is acceptable.  If you need assistance we are glad to help during our business hours.

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The cost is approximately 2200 THB/ year.

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Collision Insurance FAQs

Only if you are getting 1st class insurance with a new company.  Any existing damage will not be covered under the policy, so if possible, it's best to have all the existing damage taken care of before getting a policy from a new company. Also keep in mind that some insurance companies will not issue 1st class insurance if there are too many scratches.

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We are not an insurance claim garage, so the repairs will be done at one of the garages in the company’s network. However, in the case that you don’t want to claim the damage on your car through the insurance either because of time constraints or avoiding a hike in your insurance policy, we can give you a quote and arrange the work for you.

See details about our paint and bodywork services here.

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Please see the differences on the insurance page here

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Mechanical Insurance FAQs

 Simple! Contact us through our website (or [email protected] or Facebook) and our staff will help you with all the steps needed to complete your purchase.

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Yes. Near the end of the period that you own your AsiaCare Warranty, we will contact you to check if you wish to renew it.

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Yes. If you want to sell your vehicle, and there is still policy cover remaining on your AsiaCare Warranty, you can advertise the car with this benefit. We will change the name of the warranty owner to the new person free of charge.

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Everything you need to know about buying, selling and caring for your car while living in Thailand.

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