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Roadside Assistance FAQs

This service is provided by a third party that has a large network all over Thailand.

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The main language is Thai however our customers say their English is acceptable.  If you need assistance we are glad to help during our business hours.

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The cost is approximately 2200 THB/ year.

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Collision Insurance FAQs

Not all insurance approved paint and body work repair garages are managed the same, so from our experience, yes there can be a difference in both quality and service. As one of the weighing factors we will try to recommend an insurance company that has particular garages we favor in their network.

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No, free rental cars are not offered as a benefit from any insurance companies in Thailand.  If we don’t have a rental car available we also have several partners to be able to arrange a reasonable rate for you. See rental car details here.

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We need 

  • A scan/picture of your car’s blue title book page with your name in it.
  • A scan/picture of the picture page of your passport or Thai driver’s license.
  • Your current house address.
  • Your phone number.

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Mechanical Insurance FAQs

The coverage depends on the package that the customer chooses.  It is divided into 3 packages as follows:


  • Gold Package Covers spare parts close to the new car quality warranty. Covers spare parts to 13 main groups as follows:
  1. Air conditioning and heating systems
  2. brake system
  3. Front and rear axle assembly
  4. electrical system
  5. engine
  6. engine cooling system
  7. fuel system
  8. Fuel injection and pollution control system
  9. hi-tech parts
  10. steering system
  11. Anti-vibration system front and rear
  12. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)
  13. turbocharger (Factory installed)



  • Silver Package Protection of high-value spares and key drive components in 5 main groups
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Electrical system
  3. Engine
  4. Water pump engine cooling system
  5. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)


  • Bronze Package Protection of 3 main groups of high-value spare parts
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Engine
  3. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)



  • It does not cover the list of consumable parts that must be replaced periodically, such as wipers, spark plugs, brake pads, friction materials, clutch linings, exhaust systems, batteries, light bulbs, tires, etc.
  • This auto parts warranty requires that the vehicle be serviced properly, regularly and on time as recommended by the manufacturer.


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In the case of Saturday - Sunday And on public holidays, “AsiaCare Warranty Roadside Assistance” offers 24-hour roadside assistance nationwide at 02 949 5880 which can help tow your car to a manufacturer's service center near you. (But the claim has not been notified) and must contact the initial damage claim center via the number specified in the manual on the next business day.


(Claim Center business hours Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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  • Any part not listed in the Spare Parts Protection List.
  • Wear and tear from normal use (calculated from the service life of the car to the parts that are covered)
  • Damages that occur before the warranty starts
  • Consumable parts that require periodic replacement
  • Any claim that the warranty company was not informed before the repair started. Or if the company has not yet approved Asia Care as a non-life insurance broker presents a program to extend the warranty period for auto parts. and receive payment of insurance premiums only
  • Continuous damage from spare parts that are not covered
  • Continuous damage to spare parts that are not covered
  • Road accident damage
  • The cost of transporting the car to the service center beyond the first 30 km.


*Additional Notes:

* Does not cover the Hybrid system, including the electrical system connected to the Hybrid system in all cases

* Does not cover bushings, shock absorbers, suspension

* Does not cover parts that have deteriorated from normal use and various liquids that need to be replaced periodically

* Does not cover any spare parts that need to be replaced periodically in normal car maintenance This includes but is not limited to spark plugs, belts, rubber hoses, metal hoses, brake pads, wipers, friction materials, clutch linings, exhaust systems, catalytic converters, batteries, Lamps, tires, paintwork, bodywork and bodywork, glass parts, radio antennas, telephone systems, soft roofs and mechanisms. Eyebrows or interior trim materials, suspension bushings, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, alloy wheels, etc.

* Does not cover the case that the spare parts are damaged / damaged before insurance.

* Does not cover any spare parts that are not in the list of protection parts package that you purchase

* In the event of a claim/repair Must bring the car to the service center and replacement of genuine parts from the manufacturer's service center only

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Everything you need to know about buying, selling and caring for your car while living in Thailand.

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