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Roadside Assistance FAQs

This service is provided by a third party that has a large network all over Thailand.

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The main language is Thai however our customers say their English is acceptable.  If you need assistance we are glad to help during our business hours.

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The cost is approximately 2200 THB/ year.

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Collision Insurance FAQs

Collision insurance offers coverage primarily on paint and body work caused from a collision as well as other medical coverage for both parties. Damage to other mechanical components will only be covered if it is very obvious it was caused by the accident.

Mechanical Insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage for various mechanical components of your car that do not occur in the case of a collision ie. normal operating conditions. See more details here.

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We can provide the quote in English, Thai, or Chinese. All three if you’d like!

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This depends on the insurance company but most of the companies we work with offer the policy in Thai and English.

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Mechanical Insurance FAQs

AsiaCare Warranty products are divided into 3 types of coverage.

  • Bronze Package - Protection for 34 items. High-value genuine parts protection. . 
  • Silver Package - Coverage 44 items. Protect genuine parts that are high value and important for driving a car. including the electrical system
  • Gold Package - Protection for 128 items, covering genuine parts close to the new car quality warranty.The AsiaCare Warranty is also available from 12 months x 20,000km up to 24 months x 40,000km.

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Use the Hotline number given to you in your AsiaCare Welcome Pack to make a claim. All administration of your claim will be handled by our staff and you will NEVER be asked to pay anything to the repair centre to get your car fixed. We pay ALL costs related to your claim

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The coverage depends on the package that the customer chooses.  It is divided into 3 packages as follows:


  • Gold Package Covers spare parts close to the new car quality warranty. Covers spare parts to 13 main groups as follows:
  1. Air conditioning and heating systems
  2. brake system
  3. Front and rear axle assembly
  4. electrical system
  5. engine
  6. engine cooling system
  7. fuel system
  8. Fuel injection and pollution control system
  9. hi-tech parts
  10. steering system
  11. Anti-vibration system front and rear
  12. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)
  13. turbocharger (Factory installed)



  • Silver Package Protection of high-value spares and key drive components in 5 main groups
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Electrical system
  3. Engine
  4. Water pump engine cooling system
  5. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)


  • Bronze Package Protection of 3 main groups of high-value spare parts
  1. Front and rear axle set
  2. Engine
  3. Transmission (automatic, manual, CVT)



  • It does not cover the list of consumable parts that must be replaced periodically, such as wipers, spark plugs, brake pads, friction materials, clutch linings, exhaust systems, batteries, light bulbs, tires, etc.
  • This auto parts warranty requires that the vehicle be serviced properly, regularly and on time as recommended by the manufacturer.


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