Window Film/ Tinting

Keep your car cool both in temperature and style!

Window film is not just for style or privacy.  Some of the more important advantages you should consider:


  • At the basic level most window films these days have 99% UV blocking; this in itself is good to have to protect your car interior and your skin. 
  • More interesting though is the heat rejection abilities, especially with the higher quality films. During those hot seasons your A/C won’t have to work as hard to cool the car down.


We have a range of window film brands and qualities to meet your requirements and budget.  Our films are 

  • UV blocking - all 99% 
  • Infrared (IR) blocking from 53-97%,
  • Solar energy rejection totals range from 63-90%.  


With the higher quality films you get a lighter film with more solar energy rejection.  Set up an appointment to come see samples in person and get a quote for your needs.

Window Film FAQs

Yes it is, and even on the front windshield! We highly recommend putting a high quality light film on the front windshield as this is a large area to prevent heat transfer.

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No not necessarily. The heat resistance is more dependent on the Infrared Rejection Rate (IRR) of the film also combined with other qualities such as visible light reflected (VIR).  The higher quality films have better IRR technology which allows a lighter film with higher heat resistance.

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If your car doesn’t currently have window film it will take approximately ½ a day.  However if your old window film needs to be removed then it may take 1-2 days depending on age/difficulty of removing the old film. The glue that holds the film on can become very hard over time, especially if left in the sun for long periods.

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All of our window film rates include free window film removal. We do have a standalone service for film removal if you are not going to be installing new film.

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Yes, please schedule this service two days in advance if possible.

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It varies from the film type and quality, but considering that the manufacturer is willing to give a warranty anywhere from 5-8 years (depending on the grade) it's likely that it could last longer than this under normal circumstances.

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Yes, we guarantee the initial window film installation quality.  There is also manufacturer warranty (ranging from 7-8 years depending on the brand and model of film) that covers fading, and bubbling under normal as long as you have a valid warranty card, and the original printed film branding has not been removed from the film.

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The obvious signs are flaking, blurry/wrinkles, and bubbles.  The less obvious sign is fading.  The easiest way to check this is to roll down your window and look at the top part of the film that has not been exposed to the sun and see if it looks darker.  You may also see this where there have been stickers on your front or back windows.

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