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Car Financing

Financing can be arrange on most of our vehicles. The basic requirements are:

  • Age of the loan applicant may not exceed 65 during the term of the loan.
  • If financing in a foreign name, a Thai co-signer with good credit will be required.
  • Both signers must be able to show regular proof of income.


Let us know what car you are interested in, what kind of down payment you would like to pay excluding insurances (a collision insurance policy and life insurance policy will be required by the financing company, so plan on about another 30-35k THB for those), and we can let you know if it is possible.

Interest rates depend on the age/model of car, amount being financed, and the term of the loan. Current rates at approximately 3-5% per year. Monthly payments will depend on these details.

The process will go something like this. If you agree to the initial terms, we will schedule a meeting with the finance company for you to bring your documents and sign a few papers for the loan application. From here, you will have to wait up to 3 business days to see if the loan is approved. Once the loan is approved, you will come to pay the down payment and insurances at our office. We will then take title book and insurance money to the finance company for them to prepare the ownership transfer documents and issue the insurance. The next business day we can pick up the ownership transfer documents and complete the process with the vehicle at the transport office. You can then can pick up the vehicle the next business day. So in total, you want to plan for approximately 5-7 business days. We have to give the title book to the finance company who will hold onto it until you pay off the loan. Once the loan is paid off, they will assist you to transfer it into your name.

Selling Your Vehicle through Us (Cars and Motorcycles)

There are a couple options when considering to sell your car.  The first options is to check with us to see if we may be interested to buy your car (cars up to 5 years old).  The advantage of this option is that you get your money right away.  The second option is leaving it with us on consignment to sell on your behalf. The advantage of the second option is that we may be able to get you a more money in the end.

For the consignment service, we can help you sell your vehicle whether you will be in country or will be gone.  We will do a consignment agreement and after the sale we will provide you with a full report and transfer the funds to your local or international account.

For vehicles that meet our criteria, consigning your car or motorcycle with Expat Auto as a certified car gives buyers peace of mind that comes from our thorough inspection, pre-sale repair requirements, and our written warranty on parts and labor as seen on the “About Us” page.

There are a few basic steps in selling your car or motorcycle through us:

  • 1) We can make a quick initial assessment as to whether we will take the car in on consignment or not.  We can also give an approximate sale price, but finalization will be dependent on our detailed inspection which can be scheduled right before or when the car is left with us.
    * Notes:

    • Certified cars requirements: not older than 6 years, 120k kms or less (some exceptions made based on condition).
    • We will only take bikes that are fully licensed and newer then 4 years old.
    • Car makes that we accept: Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Kia, Proton, Hyundai.
    • We require the vehicle to be left in our care after our inspection unless it is 2 years or newer and still under manufacture warranty.
  • 2) After our full inspection, we will let you know of the findings and provide an estimate. For certified cars we require all items to be taken care of before it can be advertised. Upon approval we can then proceed to perform any discussed repairs and detail the vehicle in preparation for advertising. For the as-is service, repairs are not mandatory but we make some recommendations to help sell the vehicle easier. Any items not taken care of will be presented to the potential buyer.
    • Note: The seller will also be responsible for cost of ownership transfer fees, road tax if it is within 3 months of expiring at the time of sale.
  • 3) We will advertise it on our site in the appropriate section and through other Internet channels in order to give your car maximum exposure.
  • 4) Service fee: The service fee will be deducted from the sale price of the car when it sells. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss the details and options best suited to your vehicle.
  • In addition, our service also includes:
    • A detailed 300+ point  vehicle inspection.
    • Arrangement of any necessary approved repairs.
    • Basic detailing, pictures (certified cars in our photo room, as-is outside photos), and video. Additional upholstery shampooing fee required for vehicles that have extremely dirty interiors.
    • Advertising on multiple websites.
    • Storage and weekly engine start up, battery charging.
    • Client scheduling and appointments.
    • Sale agreement and ownership transfer service.
    • For certified cars, warranty to the buyer (see details and lengths on the buyer’s guide).


Learn more about the paperwork and transfer fees involved for selling a car here.

Paperwork Services

We can arrange various paperwork services on your behalf:

  • ownership transfers and other title book updates such as changes in province, engine, paint color, LPG/CNG additions, etc.
  • registration/ road tax renewal
  • Application for certificate of residence (needed for buying and selling a car if no work permit).


Collision Insurance

We can issue collision insurance from many companies at competitive rates.  This type of insurance is not required by law, but we highly recommend it as the required gov. insurance (p.r.b) only covers some basic medical expenses.  Insurance usually goes with the vehicle, not the driver, unless specifically requested. Other factors such as property damage coverage on both parties, medical coverage on both parties, deductible, other coverage from fire, theft, flood, etc, will all effect the rate. Policies are paid for the year in advance. Here in Thailand, insurance companies do not provide a rental car for the repair period. Usually the damage will be repaired; it is rare that a company will pay out any cash for a claim.  There are a couple basic levels of insurance:

  • 1st class – no witness required to claim on damage (ie. you can claim on self inflicted damage to the vehicle). Rates can vary from about 15-30,000 THB/ year. Some companies also offer road-side assistance. No claim discounts are often also given on renewals. This type of insurance is usually only available on vehicles 10 years or newer unless renewing the same policy. The insurance company will need to take pictures of the vehicle (if there are too many blemishes they will not be able to issue a policy until the damage is taken care of).
  • Level 2+ (usually comes with fire/ theft insurance), Level 3+ (no fire/theft) . You can usually get the same monetary value of coverage as first class, but you do need to actually get into an accident with another party and have a witness present in order to claim. No pictures of the car are required to issue this level of insurance, and there are no discounts related to no claims. Rates will vary from about 6-15k THB
  • Level 3. This insurance type is also know as liability. No property damage on your vehicle, only other party and medical. Rates vary from about 2-3,000 THB/year.

Contact us for a quote! We will need a copy of the vehicle title book to do this.  The car will need to be in your name and a copy of your passport will be required to issue the policy.


Roadside Assistance Plan

The service provides wide coverage giving 24 hours 365 days service throughout 76 provinces of Thailand. The Emergency Roadside Service provides service to mobilize your broken down vehicle, transport your vehicle to a safe location, or transport to a service garage of your choice.  With a well trained and experienced team of service mechanics and towing units that spread out in every corner of Thailand, they can ensure a prompt response no matter how far the member vehicles may be located. With a Call Center that operates 24 hours a day members will never be without assistance.

Contact our insurance department for more details!


Car Storage

We work with our partners to be able to bring you safe and reliable car storage services.  Details of the service as follows:
  • Storage is in a pest controlled warehouse.
  • For extra protection, cars are provided with a cover.  For motorbikes blankets and shrink wrap are used.
  • If required, we can arrange for engine start up and moving them forward and back slightly to keep weight on different parts of the tires.
  • Taxi service back to town or to the airport. We can also arrange delivery of the vehicle to the airport after the storage term.
Service Fee:  Cars-  1,000 thb/month for cars and 500 thb/month for motorbikes.



After Sales Servicing and Repairs

After the warranty period we can also service and perform maintenance on the car you bought from us. We can do oil changes, suspension, steering components, brakes, cooling system,  drive train, and more.  Tires, A/C, electrical, exhaust, paint and body work, LPG, etc can also be arranged at the same time through us. We also have many other products and add-ons available on the products page of our site.  Please contact us to set up an appointment.



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